Submitted By Kay Gibson

The Watson Quilters called off last week’s meeting on account of bad weather.
Get ready . . . Watson Alumni Banquet will be May 26 at the Watson Community Building. It’s “Bingo Night,” and that’s where the fun will be. Put it on your calendar. You don’t even have to be a graduate to come. If you attended Watson at any time, you’re welcome. Call Jean Menson and make your reservation soon.
Sometimes, my idea box just goes empty.
So, I’m told I must think outside of the box. They don’t understand that I’m not in the box, just my ideas. So what do I put my ideas in? A paper bag? No, those are for mushrooms . . . and they both won’t fit.
Maybe an envelope? They would probably fit, but I don’t want them to be mailed . . .  like to the President or anything.
Think about it . . . one day ALL my ideas will be in a box, and yep, I’ll be right in there with them.