Delvin Bryant, Sharon Johnson and Anita Davidson enjoying their visit with Penelope Penguin on World Penguin Day at Pleasant View on April 25.

Submitted by Teena Taylor

Easter and April Fool’s Day falling on the same day kicked off a fun filled month at Pleasant View. Six residents and 2 staff members traveled to St. Joseph on Friday, April 6, to participate in the Golden Age Games hosted by Missouri Health Care. The monthly Residents Birthday Party was hosted by Lutheran Ladies Morning Group on Friday the       13th. Residents celebrating April birthdays were Merry Bray, Reed Gebhards, Marvin Rosenbohm and Ramona Vernon. Angel food cake, juice, songs and poems were enjoyed by those attending. Wednesday, April 18, the facility hosted an art gallery to showcase the photos now adorning our halls. We have many talented citizens in our community and we feel fortunate for them to share this talent with our residents. If you missed the gallery opening please feel free to visit anytime and see for yourself.
Wheel Of Fortune with Brent from Hospice Partners drew a big crowd on Monday, April 23. We had a few residents who solved more than one puzzle that afternoon. We have a lot of fun and the residents enjoy winning prizes.
World Penguin Day was Wednesday, April 25. Penelope the Penguin stopped by for a visit. Residents also made penguin puppets, and enjoyed chocolate chip ice cream cones while learning facts about penguins.  Did you know there are 18 unique species of penguins in the world? The Little Penguin is the smallest breed at just 12” tall and weighing only two pounds.
The PROMenade held Saturday, April 28, was enjoyed by residents, family members and staff.  A big thanks goes out to you all for sharing your special night with us.
With the nice weather now upon us, we are looking forward to field trips, country cruises and patio visits.