Superior Attendance 2017-18 students with 4 or less EX or EXV are pictured left to right: Ayden Wilroy, Kade Jones, Kalen LaHue, Rebekah Lucas, Makenna Farmer and Alexa VanSickle. (Not pictured: Liam Raison) Perfect Attendance 2017-18, students with zero days missed are pictured starting fourth from right, left to right, Mercer Deatz, Evan Elam, Fischer Tharp and Joey Herron.

Mr. Wayne Moore announced the Outstanding Mathematics Students for 2018: Pictured left to right are Ryan Dewhirst, Ally Demott and Mercer Deatz.



Mr. Chris Gebhards presented Casey’s gift cards to the Outstanding Algebra IA Students Summer Greenwalt, left, and Lydia Masonbrink, right.

Rock Port High School End-of-the-Year Awards Assembly was held on Thursday, May 10, 2018.  Following are the awards presented during the assembly:
Grinnell Mutual “Road to Success” Scholarship – Presented by Kelly Rohlfsen: Ally Demott
275 Conference Scholar Athletes – Presented by Ethan Sickels: Mercer Deatz, Allyson Demott, Mystie Robinson, Payton Schomburg, Ashley Christian, Zachary Clauson, Ashley Cue, Kelcie Gaines, Preston Jones, Katie Lininger, Riley Vogler, Josie Watkins, and Ayden Wilroy
MSHSAA Award of Excellence-Presented by Donnie Parsons: Dalton Brake and Catyn Chamberlain
Tony Gaines Memorial Award-Presented by Stephen Gaines: Catyn Chamberlain
Senior Sportsmanship Award-Presented by Stephen Gaines: Catyn Chamberlain
Milton Reid Award-Presented by Jacque Gayle Gebhards: Alex Dewhirst
American Legion Awards–Presented by Mary Kahn and Jack Smith: Mercer Deatz and Mystie Robinson
Rock Port FFA Alumni Scholarship-Presented by Rachel Jenkins: Ben Lucas
Peer Counselors – Presented by Shauna Farmer, Tawni Ellis, and Rachel Jenkins: Seniors:  Mercer Deatz, Ally Demott, Jase Hughes, Carter Ottmann, Hannah Miller and Mystie Robinson; Juniors: Kelcie Gaines, Brett Gayler, Preston Jones, Brock Martin, Riley Vogler and Josie Watkins; Sophomores: Ethan Brumbaugh, Marisa Carder, Beth Davis, Aaron Lawrence, Will Oswald, and Darius Skillen; Freshmen: Gabe Abbott, Sophie Brumbaugh, Johnny Davis, Makenna Farmer, Joey Herron, and Trey Peshek
Thomas Herron presented Highest Grades – American Government: Ayden Wilroy; American History: Cody Davis; Current Events: Aden Fritzler; Western Civilization: Kaycee Davis; Dual Credit Fall: Payton Schomburg; Dual Credit Spring: Mercer Deatz
History Award of Leadership: Payton Schomburg
Student Council certificates presented by – Thomas Herron: Seniors:  Ryan Dewhirst and Payton Schomburg; Juniors: Preston Jones and Kelcie Gaines; Sophomores: Will Oswald and Marisa Carder; Freshmen: Jagger Freemyer and Aliva Baucom; FBLA: Jacie McMahon; FCCLA: Beth Davis; NHS: Mystie Robinson; Peer Counselors: Carter Ottmann; Student Council Officers – Dalton Brake – president; Ally Demott – vice president; Hannah Miller – secretary; and Catyn Chamberlain – treasurer
Alec Hendrickson presented Geography awards – 2nd Hour Highest Grade Geography: Kaden Dowdy; 7th Hour Highest Grade Geography: Joey Herron
Megan Bebb – English I Third hour: Taylor Perry and Katie Meinecke; English I Fifth hour: Makenna Farmer, Alivia Baucom, RyAnne Herron, and Kalyn Mertens; English II First Hour: Will Oswald; English II Sixth hour: Darius Skillen; English III second hour: Katie Lininger and English III seventh hour: Josie Watkins
Jackie Miller – Spanish 1: Excellence Award: Gabriel (Sucre) Abbott, Alivia (Manuela) Baucom, Makenna (Rosa) Farmer, RyAnne (Catalina) Herron, Kalyn (José) Mertens and Harlee (Emilia) Pritt; Spanish 2:  Excellence Award: Alex (Ricardo) Burke, Cody (Alberto) Davis, Preston (José) Jones, Will (Guillermo) Oswald and Darius (Graciela) Skillen; Spanish 3:  (6 hours of college credit): Abby (Juanita) Bradley, Ashley (Pedra) Christian; Ashley (Catalina) Cue; Kelcie (Tica) Gaines, Katie (Elena) Lininger, Riley (Inés) Vogler, Josie (Rosario) Watkins and Ayden (Juan Mateo) Wilroy
National Honor Society (NHS) Awards presented by Megan Bebb and Jackie Miller – NHS Citizenship Award winners: Beth Davis, Makenna Farmer, Darius Skillen, Dalton Stevens, Gabe Abbott, Kelcie Gaines, Chris Sticken, Payton Schomburg, Ethan Lucas, Jacie McMahon, C.J. Minino, Rachel Vogler, Brett Gayler, Preston Jones, Lauren Kelly and Ben Lucas; NHS Officers: president – Ally Demott, vice-president – Dalton Brake, Secretary – Gretchen Tharp, Treasurer – Catyn Chamberlain, STUCO Rep. – Mystie Robinson, Historian – Gyliane Henning, and Liaison Officer – Kaycee Davis; NHS New Members: Zachary Clauson, Ashley Cue, Katie Lininger, Brock Martin, Riley Vogler, Josie Watkins and Ayden Wilroy
Trudy Heitman: Anatomy: High Score – Mercer Deatz and Mystie Robinson (tied with 4736 exactly); All A’s (95% or above all 4 quarters) – Mercer Deatz, Mystie Robinson, Kaycee Davis, Abbie Hale, Gyliane Henning, and Payton Schomburg; Biology II – High Score: Hannah Miller; Biology – High Score 1st Hour: Hallee Bradley; High Score 5th Hour: Katie Lininger; All A’s: Hallee Bradley, Josie Watkins, Abby Bradley, Ashley Christians, Ashley Cue, Matt Hance, Preston Jones, Katie Lininger, Riley Vogler, and Ayden Wilroy; Integrated Chemistry – High Score 2nd Hour: Cody Davis; High Score 3rd Hour: Alaric Laing; All A’s: Cody Davis, Alex Burke, Darius Skillen, Alaric Laing, Will Oswald, and Aaron Lawrence; Missouri Western Chemathon Participation Certificates: Cody Davis, Alex Burke, Darius Skillen, Alaric Laing, Will Oswald, Aaron Lawrence, Fischer Tharp, Gabriel Minter, Ethan Brumbaugh, and Beth Davis; Out of 91 participants in the Chemistry I Small School Exam, Cody Davis earned 6th place overall earning a certificate and a chemistry-themed prize.
Rachel Jenkins – Top Science Student: Makenna Farmer; Excellent Science Student: Rachel Vogler
Wayne Moore – Junior Math Awards: given to juniors successfully completing a Dual Credit Math course in Trigonometry from MWSU: Abby Bradley, Ashley Christian, Zach Clauson, Ashley Cue, Matthew Hance, Preston Jones, Katie Lininger, Riley Vogler, Josie Watkins, and Ayden Wilroy;Outstanding Junior Math Students (A or A-:  Dual Credit Trigonometry: Abby Bradley, Zach Clauson, Katie Lininger, and Ayden Wilroy; Senior Math Awards: given to seniors successfully completing a Dual Credit Math course in Statistics, College Algebra, or Calculus at: UMKC or NMSU: Dalton Brake, Catyn Chamberlain, Kaycee Davis, Mercer Deatz, Ally Demott, Ryan Dewhirst, Jase Hughes Ben Lucas, Hannah Miller, Carter Ottmann,  Mystie Robinson, Payton Schomburg, and Gretchen Tharp; Outstanding College Algebra Students (A or A-):   Kaycee Davis, Mercer Deatz, Ally Demott, Ryan Dewhirst, Mystie Robinson, and Payton Schomburg; Outstanding Statistics Students (A or A-):  Mercer Deatz, Ally Demott, Ryan Dewhirst, and Payton Schomburg; Outstanding Calculus Students (A or A-): Mercer Deatz, Ally Demott, and Ryan Dewhirst; Outstanding Mathematics Students, for 2018:  Mercer Deatz, Ally Demott, and Ryan Dewhirst
Chris Gebhards – Outstanding Geometry Student: Darius Skillen; Outstanding Algebra I Student: Makenna Farmer; Outstanding Algebra IB/ Consumer Math Students: Brock Martin and Naoma Davis; Outstanding Algebra IA Students: Lydia Masonbrink and Summer Greenwalt
Donnie Parsons – Most Outstanding Pre-Algebra Student: Katie Meinecke
Kerri Acton – All A’s in Research: Ally Demott and Mystie Robinson; Highest Points in Research: Dalton Brake (1st Semester) and Mystie Robinson (2nd Semester); Highest Points in Speech: Dalton Stevens (1st Semester) and Ashleigh King (2nd Semester)
Amy Skillen – Upward Bound Seniors: Mystie Robinson, Gyliane Henning, and Payton Schomburg; Mass Media – Blue Jay Corner Editor and Layout: Ashley Cue; Blue Jay Yearbook Editors: Ashley Christian and Riley Vogler; Blue Jay Business Manager: Jacie McMahon; Blue Jay Corner Staff Members – Mass Media III: McKenna Barnhart; Mass Media II: Abbie Hale, Jentry Freemyer, Abby Bradley, and Darius Skillen; Mass Media I: Preston Jones, Lauren Kelly, Makenna Farmer, Mackenzie Lager, and Rachel Vogler.
Jim Skillen – Outstanding in Applied Communications: Evan Elam; Outstanding in Themes Ally Demott
Crystal Goins – Highest Grades – Child Development: Kelsie Davis; Career Exploration: Alexa VanSickle; Foods and Nutrition – 1st Semester: Payton Schomburg; Foods and Nutrition 2nd Semester-Gabe Abbott; Health – 1st Semester: Kalyn Mertens; Health – 2nd Semester: Darius Skillen; Golden Whisk Award for Chopped: Will Oswald, Owin Pike and Gavin Abbott; Housing: Brock Martin; Clothing and Textiles: Alexa VanSickle; Golden Whisk Award for Cupcake Wars: Cayden Criger, Caleb Greene and Aaron Lawrence
Stevie Eickhoff – Working Hard Award: Gyliane Henning-Green, Alaric Laing, Preston Jones and Katie Lininger; Project of the Year 2D: Preston Jones and 3D: Alaric Laing; Artist of the Year: Preston Jones
FBLA Tiffanie Gaines and Kathy Ungles – Job Interview: Rebekah Lucas, 9th place; Public Service Announcement: Ashley Christian and Ashley Cue, 5th place; Intro to Business Communication: Darius Skillen, 5th place; Business Ethics: Hallee Bradley, Preston Jones, and Josie Watkins, 4th place; Broadcast Journalism: Kelcie Gaines and Gabe Minter, 3rd Place; Help Desk: Darius Skillen, 2nd place; Intro to Public Speaking: Beth Davis, 2nd place; Accounting: Hallee Bradley, 2nd place; Business Communication: Kelcie Gaines, 1st place; Top May Basket Sales: Jacie McMahon
Kathy Ungles – Personal Finance, Highest Grade: Ally Demott
Tiffanie Gaines – Personal Finance, 1st Semester Highest Grade: Hallee Bradley and 2nd Semester Highest Grade: Ayden Wilroy; Personal Finance H&R Block Budget Challenge Champs: 1st Semester: Aaron Haltman and 2nd Semester: Riley Vogler; Personal Finance Stock Market Champs: 1st Semester: Jentry Freemyer and 2nd Semester: Gretchen Tharp; Outstanding Computer Programming Students:  Katie Meinecke, Kade Jones, and Morgan Lingerfelt
Abby Palmer – HS Solo/Small Ensemble Performances: Instrumental (II) Outstanding rating: Mystie Robinson-clarinet, Ayden Wilroy-clarinet, RyAnne Herron-vocal, Fischer Tharp-trumpet, Jared Thomas-trumpet, Beth Davis-clarinet and Scarlett Kish-flute; (III) Good rating: Tori Jordan-flute and Liven Schockenhoff-piano; (I)Exemplary rating-State Bound: Josie Watkins-vocal, Summer Greenwalt-Trombone, RyAnne Herron-clarinet, Liven Schockenhoff-flute and Chris Sticken-vocal; Four-State Honor Band & Choir: Band- Mystie Robinson-clarinet, Choir- Josie Watkins, and Chris Sticken; MU All-Juniors Honor Band: Jared Thomas-trumpet and Ayden Wilroy-bass clarinet; Congratulations to the Rock Port High School Band for getting their second 1 rating at State Music Festival in the last 3 years.
Perfect Attendance 2017-18, students with zero days missed: Mercer Deatz, Evan Elam, Fischer Tharp and Joey Herron; Superior Attendance 2017-18 students with 4 or less EX or EXV: Liam Raison, Ayden Wilroy, Kade Jones, Kalen LaHue, Rebekah Lucas, Makenna Farmer and Alexa VanSickle
Organization of the Year: FFA