Tarkio High School seniors Colin Joesting and Melissa Lang were named Mr. and Miss THS.


The Tarkio High School Top 5 Seniors are: Shae DeRosier (1), Colin Joesting (2), Melissa Lang (3), Madison Ohrt (4), and Bella Hurst (5).


The yearbook was dedicated to retiring nurse Janene McEnaney and retiring special education teacher Cherie Heits.


Madison Ohrt and the other Tarkio High School seniors carried out their chairs following the awards’ assembly, thus thwarting the traditional changing of the seats for the juniors.


Tarkio High School seniors and underclassmen were honored for academic excellence at an awards assembly held Thursday, May 10, 2018, in the THS Gym. During the assembly, the seniors received scholarships for future college endeavors and recognitions for achievements made in their classes this school year (2017-18). Other students also received honors for their achievements throughout the year.
Members of the Class of 2018 walked into the gym to “Stand By Me” and then everyone said the Pledge of Allegiance. THS Counselor Tracy Cooper welcomed everyone in attendance and then the award presentations began. The following is a list of honorees and the awards presented:
Atchison County Development Corporation (ACDC) Scholarship presented by Lori Seymour – Lauren Quimby and Bella Hurst
Westboro Lions Club Scholarships presented by Ponya King – Hannah Blank, Tawni Martin, and Kaleb Horton
Tarkio Rotary Club scholarships presented by Glenn Scott – Charles “Chuck” Sheppard Memorial Schol­arship – Madison Ohrt; Dr. Gavin L. Doughty Memorial Scholarship – Melissa Lang; Tarkio High School Interact Scholarships – Shae DeRosier, Bella Hurst, and Colin Joesting; and Tarkio High School Interact President Recognition – Madison Ohrt
Tarkio First Baptist Church Deacon Memorial Scholarship presented by Glenn Scott – Shae DeRosier
Tarkio United Methodist Church Scholarship presented by Kelly Rohlfsen – Destiny Sanders
Hixson Family Memor­ial Scholarship presented by Cherie Heits and Casey Martin – Colin Joesting
CTA Scholarships presented by Dustin Lambertsen – Max Gregg Scholarship – Madison Ohrt; Wheatley Scholarship – Destiny Sanders; and Carlotta White Scholarship – Melissa Lang
Nodaway County Cattleman’s Scholarship presented by Dustin Lambertsen – Colin Joesting
David Joesting Scholarship presented by Dustin Lambertsen – Colin Joesting
National FFA: America’s Farmers Grow Ag Leaders Monsanto Scholarship presented by Dustin Lambertsen – Colin Joesting
Atchison County Ag Choice: MFA Foundation Scholarship presented by Dustin Lambertsen – Colin Joesting
P.E.O. Chapter FF Scholarships presented by Blu Dow – Melissa Lang
George V. Smith Tarkio Fire Department Scholarship presented by Blu Dow – Lauren Quimby
West Point Certificate of Acceptance (United States Military Academy Full Tuition) presented by LTC (Ret.) Greg Beck, West Point Representative from Admissions – Shae DeRosier (Note: Out of 15,000 who competed for appointment, Shae was one of 1,140 who made it in)
Tarkio Lions Club Scholarships presented by Tracy Cooper – Shae DeRosier and Bella Hurst
The following awards were presented by Tracy Cooper:
Northwest Missouri State University Awards  – Academic Excellence Scholarship – Madison Ohrt
Central Methodist University – Eagle Scholarship – Destiny Sanders
Missouri Western State University – Governor’s Academic Scholarship – Lauren Quimby
Missouri Welding Institute – Welding Competition Scholarship – Dayton Murry
Missouri State University – Provost Scholarship – Melissa Lang
University of Missouri – Columbia – Excellence Awards – Bella Hurst and Colin Joesting; John C. Stapel Scholarship – Colin Joesting; and Elyzabeth H. Schell Scholarship – Colin Joesting
North Central Missouri College – Athletic Department Scholarship – Lauren Quimby
University of Nebraska – Lincoln – George Beadle Scholarship – Shae DeRosier; and Husker Living and Learning Scholarship – Shae DeRosier
Army ROTC (Full Tuition) – Shae DeRosier
Nebraska City Apple Corp Music Scholarship – Colin Joesting
Luretta Ruth Turnbull Memorial Scholarship – Lauren Quimby
Northwest Technical School (NTS) Recognition – Dayton Murry (two-year certificate in Welding); Jayce Navin (one-year certificate in Welding); Gage Maxwell (one-year certificate in Welding); Wyatt Gray (one-year certificate in Building Trade); Jayden Viets (one-year certificate in Health Science and Technology); and McKenzie Hines (one-year certificate in Health Science and Technology)
D.A.R.E. Role Model Recognition – Melissa Lang and Shae DeRosier
“I Dare You” Award – Novalee Yeary and Ashton Yeary
Lois Kemper Jurich Memorial Scholarship and Adolph and Hulda Kemper Family Memorial Scholarship – Madison Ohrt
ACT 30+ Club – Catelyn Prater and Richard Weiden­aar
George Washington Carver Award – Colin Joesting and Shae DeRosier
College Preparatory Certification Recognition – Colin Joesting, Shae DeRosier, Melissa Lang, Madison Ohrt, Bella Hurst, Tawni Martin, and Lauren Quimby
President’s Education Award Program in Outstanding Academic Excellence – Shae DeRosier, Colin Joesting, Madison Ohrt, Melissa Lang, Bella Hurst, Lauren Quimby, and Hannah Blank
President’s Education Award Program in Outstanding Academic Achievement – Tawni Martin, Taylor Brown, Destiny Sanders, and Dayton Murry
The State of Missouri and United States House of Representatives Con­gratulatory – Hannah Blank, Taylor Brown, Shae DeRosier, Kaleb Horton, Bella Hurst, Colin Joesting, Melissa Lang, Tawni Martin, Jordan Mattice, Dayton Murry, Madison Ohrt, Lauren Quimby, Destiny Sanders, Selena Somerville, and Richard Weidenaar
Top Five Seniors – Shae DeRosier (1), Colin Joesting (2), Melissa Lang (3), Madison Ohrt (4), and Bella Hurst (5)
National Honor Society Good Citizen Award presented by NHS Sponsor Mark Staten and Madison Ohrt – Shae DeRosier
Academic Letters and Bars presented by Mark Staten and Casey Martin – 1st year – Jae Barnett, Gus Hurst, Tyler Jennings, Anna Klute, Jake McEaney, Lexi Somerville, Ashton Yeary, Novalee Yeary, and Hannah Brown; 2nd year – Chloe Bruns, Skye Clark, Gabby DeRosier, Alex Driskell, Lily Graves, Jordan Heard, Jordyn Hogue, Kae­ly Kirwan, Megan Lee, Mad­ison Lesher, Grace Martin, Gage McAdams, Garrett Meyer, Cat Prater, Zach Sapp, Tawni Martin, and Destiny Sanders. 3rd year – Hannah Blank, Shae DeRosier, Bella Hurst, Colin Joesting, Melissa Lang, Madison Ohrt, and Lauren Quimby
High School Scholar Bowl Team Recognition presented by Mark Staten – Melissa Lang (Captain/Trip Navigator), Devin Guajardo (All-District 4th Place)(Competitor Fact Finder/Spy), Cat Prater (All-District 6th Place), Anna Klute, Jae Barnett, Ashlynn Meyer, Ella Rolf, and Bryli Staten; the team placed 8th out of 16 teams in Conference and placed 3rd in Districts
Florence Prather McMillan Scholarship presented by Casey Martin – Madison Ohrt
English II Excellence Award presented by Heidi Hale – Jake McEnaney
Scholar Athlete Awards presented by Joe Unternahrer – Shae DeRosier, Bella Hurst, Melissa Lang, Lauren Quimby, Colin Joesting, Lily Graves, Grace Martin, and Cat Prater
MSHSAA Awards of Excellence presented by Joe Unternahrer – Madison Ohrt and Shae DeRosier
KMA Scholarship presented by Joe Unternahrer – Madison Ohrt
Outstanding Math Award presented by Kevin Dodson – Shae DeRosier
A+ Recognitions presented by Carrie Livengood – Hannah Blank, Shae DeRosier, Bella Hurst, Colin Joesting, Melissa Lang, Madison Ohrt, Destiny Sanders, and Lauren Quimby
Atchison County Government Day presented by Eric Walker – All freshmen
Sophomore Pil­gri­mage presented by Eric Walker – Jae Barnett
Outstanding Senior So­cial Studies Awards presented by Eric Walker – Kaleb Horton, Melissa Lang, and Lauren Quimby
Choir High Point Award presented by Melody Barnett – Colin Joesting
Band High Point Award presented by Amy Haddock – Shaylee Sparks
National School Chor­al Award presented by Melody Barnett – Colin Joesting
John Philip Sousa Award presented by Amy Haddock – Colin Joesting
Overall Senior Mu­si­cian Award presented by Melody Barnett – Colin Joesting and Madison Ohrt
Senior Class Prophecies were read. Senior Class President Lauren Quimby presented Junior Class President Cat Prater with the class key.
Publications teacher Steph­­anie Parsons and student Cat Prater recognized Janene McEnaney and Cherie Heits as this year’s Yearbook Dedication Re­cipients.
Mr. and Miss THS presented by Stephanie Parsons – Colin Joesting and Melissa Lang
Student Body President Colin Joesting announced that the newly elected 2018-19 Student Body President and Vice-President are Lily Graves and Jake McEnaney.
Student Body President Lily Graves led everyone in the Pledge to Tarkio High School.
As the seniors exited the gym, they carried their seats out of the gym with them, thus thwarting the juniors’ customary “changing of the seats.”