Mrs. Palmer presents Summer Greenwalt with the Best Field Marcher award from Clarinda Band Day.


Ms. Heitman presents Mercer Deatz with his 2017-2018 Scholar Bowl awards.


Ally Demott, the 2017-2018 Drum Major, is passing the whistle to Beth Davis, the 2018-2019 Drum Major.


Mrs. Palmer hands out special gifts to her helpers for the 2017-2018 school year.  Pictured left to right, are Richard Boettner, Donna Lucas, Lynn Hunter, Rebecca Smallfoot and Abby Palmer.


The fourth annual Fine Arts Banquet at Rock Port High School was held Monday, May 14, 2018. Abby Palmer, Band and Chorus instructor, welcomed those attending.
Mrs. Palmer presented the following junior high choir awards: JH Choir (1st semester) – Kate Ottmann, JH Honor Choir – Corwyn Herron, JH Choir (2nd semester) – Kylie Jo Nuckolls, JH Solo/Small Ensemble Festival (Exemplary ratings) – Lily Smith, flute; Anneliese Clauson, flute; Zoey Hurst, clarinet; Kylie Beasing, clarinet; Erika Elam, trumpet; Riley Walker, trombone; and Trulin Pankau, timpani.
Mrs. Palmer recognized Head Drum Major Ally Demott, then announced the 2018-2019 Drum Major, Beth Davis.
The 9th-12th grade band and auxiliary were recognized. In order to letter in either band or auxiliary a student must not miss more than two rehearsals, not miss any competitions or concerts, and keep a GPA to MSHSAA guidelines.
The following high school awards were presented: HS Choir Letter (1st year): Summer Greenwalt, Aaron Haltman, and RyAnne Herron; HS Choir Letter (2nd year): Emma Pankau, Gretchen Tharp, Darius Skillen, Rebekah Lucas, Kelsie Davis; HS Choir Letter (3rd year): Chris Sticken, CJ Minino, Josie Watkins; HS Choir Letter (4th year): Ben Lucas; HS Band Letter (1st year): Ethan Lucas, Tori Jordan (band and auxiliary), Liven Schockenhoff, RyAnne Herron, Harlee Pritt, Johnny Davis, Remington Stoner, Alivia Baucom, Jack Raison, Max Jackson, Sophie Brumbaugh; HS Band Letter (2nd year): Summer Greenwalt, Fischer Tharp, Cody Davis, Rebekah Lucas, Beth Davis, Scarlett Kish (band and auxiliary), Ashleigh King (band and auxiliary), Morgan Lingerfelt (auxiliary); HS Band Letter (3rd year): Ayden Wilroy, Brett Gayler, Jared Thomas, Emma Pankau (band and auxiliary), Katie Linniger (auxiliary), Kaycee Davis; HS Band Letter (4th year): Mercer Deatz, Ben Lucas, Sophie Parrish, Mystie Robinson, Gretchen Tharp, Ally Demott, Kaycee Davis (auxiliary captain).
The band received a I Superior rating at the State Large Ensemble Fest.
Mrs. Palmer recognized Summer Greenwalt as Best Field Marcher, and Jared Thomas as Field Show Soloist for the Rock Port band at Southwest Iowa Band Jamboree in Clarinda, Iowa.
Mrs. Palmer recognized the following students for taking a solo to All-District Solo Festival in April: Instrumental – (I) Exemplary rating: Summer Greenwalt, trombone; RyAnne Herron, clarinet; and Liven Schockenhoff, flute; (II) Outstanding rating: Scarlett Kish, flute; Ayden Wilroy, clarinet; Beth Davis, clarinet; Mystie Robinson, clarinet; Jared Thomas, trumpet; Fischer Tharp, trumpet; (III) Good rating: Tori Jordan, flute, and Liven Schockenhoff, flute; Vocal: (I) Exemplary rating: Josie Watkins and Chris Sticken; (II) Outstanding rating: RyAnne Herron.
State awards were awarded to: Josie Watkins, gold; Summer Greenwalt, RyAnne Herron, and Liven Schockenhoff, silver; and Chris Sticken, bronze.
Awards for Four-State Honor Band & Choir were presented to: Mystie Robinson, band (clarinet); and Josie Watkins, Darius Skillen, and Chris Sticken, choir.
Josie Watkins and Chris Sticken received awards for All-District Choir.
MWSU Honor Choir Awards were presented to Josie Watkins, RyAnne Herron, Rebekah Lucas, Chris Sticken, and Gretchen Tharp
MU All-Juniors Honor Band awards were presented to Jared Thomas, trumpet, and Ayden Wilroy, bass clarinet.
Amy Skillen recognized all the mass media members. Receiving an “Award of Excellence” were: Abbie Hale, Riley Vogler, McKenna Barnhart, Darius Skillen, Preson Jones, Rachel Vogler, Jentry Freemyer, Makenna Farmer, Ashley Cue, Ashley Christian, Abby Bradley, Jacie McMahon, Mackenzie Lager, and Lauren Kelly.
Kerri Acton presented the following awards: RPHS Drama Awards for Acting – Preston Jones, Josie Watkins, Gretchen Tharp, Fischer Tharp, Ayden Wilroy, Rebekah Lucas, Darius Skillen, Kelcie Gaines, Dalton Brake, Chris Sticken, Kaycee Davis, Beth Davis, RyAnne Herron, Kelsie Davis, Gyliane Green, Trais Lawson, and Scarlett Kish; RPHS Drama Award for Sound – Ben Lucas; RPHS Drama Award for Set Design and Construction – Preston Jones, Kelcie Gaines, Gyliane Henning, Aaron Haltman, Kelsie Davis, Beth Davis, Gretchen Tharp, and Darius Skillen; RPHS Drama Award for Curtain Cues – Riley Walker; RPHS Drama Award for Lighting – Aaron Haltman; RPHS Drama Award for Hair and Makeup – Mystie Robinson, Emma Pankau, and Tori Jordan.
Trudy Heitman presented the Scholar Bowl Awards for 2018: Zach Clauson, participation certificate; Cody Davis, participation certificate; Kaycee Davis, participation certificate; Mercer Deatz, participation certificate, 4th year varsity letter, 275 Conference 2nd Place Team medal, 1st Team All-Conference medal and patch, All-District medal and patch, and Captain medal for 2018; Ally Demott, participation certificate, 2nd year varsity letter, and 275 Conference 2nd Place Team medal; Alex Dewhirst, participation certificate; Scarlett Kish, participation certificate; Alaric Laing, participation certificate; Katie Lininger, participation certificate; Ethan Lucas, participation certificate, 1st year varsity letter, 275 Conference 2nd Place Team medal, 1st Team All-Conference medal and patch, and All-District medal and patch; Ben Lucas, participation certificate; Payton Schomburg, participation certificate; Darius Skillen, participation certificate; Fischer Tharp, participation certificate; Riley Vogler, participation certificate, 1st year varsity letter, and 275 Conference 2nd Place Team medal; Josie Watkins, participation certificate, 1st year varsity letter, and 275 Conference 2nd Place Team medal; Ayden Wilroy, participation certificate, 2nd year varsity letter, and 275 Conference 2nd Place Team medal.