Front row, left to right – Kadyn Dowdy, Cayden Criger, Austin Wallace, Austin Stoner, Remington Stoner, Fischer Tharp, Rebekah Lucas, Kaycee Davis, Alexa VanSickle, RyAnne Herron and Ayden Wilroy; back row – Trey Peshek, Preston Klappenbach, Ben Lucas, and Joey Herron.

Submitted by: Ashleigh King, Chapter Reporter

The Rock Port FFA chapter had their spring highway cleanup to make that stretch of highway presentable to the community. On May 9, there were 20 Rock Port FFA members who cleaned up Hwy. 136 east of Rock Port.  Alltogether they collected 17 bags of trash found on the side of Highway 136. The members found multiple plastic trash bags, broken bottles, and an uncountable amount of fast food containers.