Holden Farmer receives his athletic participation award from Mr. Alec Hendrickson.

Pictured from left to right are Aubrey Watkins, Kate Ottmann, Macie Hale, Phillip Herron, Tyler Cook and Anneliese Clauson being awarded for having the highest grade in Spanish.


Mrs. Tiffanie Gaines presents Aubrey Watkins and Kate Ottmann with the 8th grade computer applications highest grade, first semester award.


Mr. Donnie Parsons is pictured putting a cape on the JH Wrestling Pin King, Caleb Lucas.  Already proudly wearing his cape is JH Wrestling MVP and  Take Down King, Colton Stevens.


The Rock Port Junior High School Awards Assembly was held May 16, 2018. The following is a list of awards presented:
Music awards, presented by Abby Palmer: JH Soloists – Lily Smith, flute; Anneliese Clauson, flute; Zoey Hurst, clarinet; Kylie Beasing, clarinet; Erika Elam, trumpet; Riley Walker, trombone; and Trulin Pankau, timpani; JH Choir (1st semester) – Kate Ottmann; JH Choir (2nd semester) – Kylie Jo Nuckolls; JH Honor Choir – Corwyn Herron.
Reading awards, presented by Amy Skillen: Avid Reader Award (for reading more than five books independently during the semester enrolled in reading) – Jordan Jackson, Taylor Pruett, Anneliese Clauson, Sara Newbanks, Zoey Hurst, Caleb Lucas, Brecken Kelly, Corwyn Herron, Kate Ottmann, Ryder Proctor, Colten Stevens, and Aubrey Watkins.
Art awards, presented by Stevie Eickhoff: 1st semester – Macie Hale; 2nd semester – Kate Ottmann.
Science top awards, presented by Rachel Jenkins: 8th Grade Highest – Aubrey Watkins; Outstanding – Kate Ottmann; 7th Grade Highest – Riley Walker; Outstanding – Phillip Herron.
Student Council members, presented by Thomas Herron: 8th Grade – Holden Farmer and Aubrey Watkins; 7th Grade – Aidan Burke and Riley Walker.
Social Studies awards, presented by Alec Hendrickson: 1st Hour Highest Grade – Carsyn Sybert; 4th Hour Highest Grade – Phillip Herron; 5th Hour Highest Grade – Anneliese Clauson; 6th Hour Highest Grade – Aubrey Watkins.
Spanish Awards, presented by Jackie Miller: 8th Grade Trimester 1 – Aubrey (Luisa) Watkins, 100%; 8th Grade Trimester 2 – Macie (Clara) Hale, 99%; 8th Grade Trimester 2 – Katelyn (Elena) Ottmann, 100%; 7th Grade Trimester 1 – Phillip (Felipe) Herron, 100%; 7th Grade Trimester 2 – Tyler (Rafael) Cook, 100%; 7th Grade Trimester 3 – Anneliese (Ana) Clauson, 99%.
Language Arts awards, presented by Kerri Acton: All A’s in Language Arts – Phillip Herron, Riley Walker, Kierstyn Jakub, Katelynn Ottman, Carsyn Sybert, Aubrey Watkins; The Ernest Hemingway Award – Anneliese Clauson, Riley Walker, Katelynn Ottman, Carsyn Sybert.
Junior High Business awards, presented by Tiffanie Gaines: 7th Grade Computer Tech Highest Grade – First Semester – Phillip Herron; Second Semester – Jarrett Hunter and Mikayla Makings; 8th Grade Computer Applications Highest Grade – First Semester – Kate Ottmann and Aubrey Watkins; Second Semester – Kierstyn Jakub; Speed Typing awards – 7th Grade (40 wpm or above on 3 minute timed test) – Morgan Cofer 40, Kylie Beasing 41, Jarrett Hunter 41, Micah Makings 41, Taylor Pruett 41, Phillip Herron 42, Brogan Krutz 44, Tarika Patel 46, Mikayla Makings 47, Brecken Kelly 48, Kyler Hughes 50, Kylie Jo Nuckolls 51; 8th Grade (50 wpm or above on 3 minute timed test) – Aubrey Watkins 54, Kierstyn Jakub 54, Macie Hale 55, Kate Ottmann 58, Carsyn Sybert 78.
Junior High Cheerleaders, presented by Tiffanie Gaines: Macie Hale, Kierstyn Jakub, Kate Ottmann, Morgan Cofer, Mikayla Makings, Kylie Jo Nuckolls, Lily Smith, Riley Walker.
Junior High FACS Award, presented by Crystal Goins: Highest grade during their trimester class – Intro to FACS 8 – Kate Ottmann, Kierstyn Jakub, and Macie Hale; Intro to FACS 7 – Tarika Patel, Phillip Herron, and Riley Walker.
Junior High Math awards, presented by Donnie Parsons: Top Grade in Math – 1st hour Semester 1, Annaliese Clauson; 1st hour Semester 2, Mikayla Makings; 3rd hour Semester 1, Aubrey Watkins; 3rd hour Semester 2, Kate Ottmann; 5th hour Semester 1, Carsyn Sybert; 5th hour Semester 2, Kierstyn Jakub; 6th hour Semester 1, Phillip Herron; 6th hour Semester 2, Riley Walker.
Athletic Participation Awards, presented by Junior High coaches: 7th Grade Girls – Morgan Cofer, Mikayla Makings, Tarika Patel, Zoey Hurst, Kylie Nuckolls, Riley Walker, Anneliese Clauson, Jordan Jackson, Lily Smith and Teagan Green; 8th Grade Girls – Macie Hale, Aubrey Watkins, Kate Ottmann, Kierstyn Jakub, Jada Maifeld and Erika Elam; 7th Grade Boys – Aidan Burke, Brecken Kelly, Micah Makings, Jarrett Hunter, Trulin Pankau, Phillip Herron, Tyler Cook, Caleb Lucas, Brogan Krutz, Jayden Krutz; 8th Grade Boys – Holden Farmer, Colten Stevens, Ryan Bradley.
JH Wrestling, presented by Chris Gebhards: JH Wrestling Captains – Ryan Bradley and Colton Stevens; JH Wrestling MVP – Colton Stevens; Pin King – Caleb Lucas; Take Down King – Colten Stevens.
Peer Counselors, presented by Shauna Farmer, Rachel Jenkins and Tawni Ellis: Eighth Grade – Erika Elam, Holden Farmer, Kate Ottmann, Colten Stevens, Aubrey Watkins; Seventh Grade – Aidan Burke, Morgan Cofer, Caleb Lucas, Micah Makings, Kylie Nuckolls, Riley Walker.
Presidential Academic Achievement Awards, presented by Shauna Farmer: 8th graders meeting high honor roll requirements two of the three semesters and scoring advanced on at least one MAP grade level test. Students meeting one of the two criteria – Ryan Bradley, Erika Elam, Holden Farmer, Macie Hale, Addison Lair; students meeting both criteria – Kierstyn Jakub, Katelynn Ottmann, Colten Stevens, Carsyn Sybert, Aubrey Watkins.
Study Island, presented by Ethan Sickels: 1st place – Skydivers (Kate Ottmann, Jada Maifeld, Riley Walker, Aidan Burke, Jarrett Hunter, Taylor Pruitt); 2nd place – That Better Team (Macie Hale, Aubrey Watkins, Addison Lair, Jayden Krutz, Teagan Green, Brecken Kelly, Mikayla Makings); 3rd place – Skillz (Holden Farmer, Hayden Morriss, Caleb Lucas, Phillip Herron, Kylie Jo Nuckolls, Brogan Krutz, Sara Newbanks); Top 8th Grade finishers – Kate Ottmann and Aubrey Watkins; Top 7th Grade finishers – Caleb Lucas and Riley Walker.
Superior Attendance Awards, presented by Ethan Sickels: Shelby Duncan and Kylie Jo Nuckolls.