The talent show performers line up for one more round of applause after the Rock Port elementary Talent Show on May 18. From left to right: Claire Spiegel, Addison Maifeld, Avery Meyerkorth, Avery Schomburg, Reese Herron, Leah Meyerkorth, Jadyn Geib, Jessa Geib, Talyn Amthor, Daytona Paris, Ella Meyerkorth, Audrie Meyerkorth, Isaac Shimmel,  Logan Ellis, Jayson Hudson, Reid Ellis, Cooper Daugherty, Kinleigh Daugherty, Jacoby Driskell, Mya Welch, Audrey Dougherty and Isabella Kroeger.

On Friday, May 18, applause filled the gymnasium as Rock Port elementary students entertained the crowd for the annual talent show. Those who reached their Accelerated Reader goals were eligible to perform a talent as an incentive for reading during the school year. There were many talents, including singers, dancers, pogo-stick jumpers, origami folding, wrestling moves and more.