June 3, 1993
• Yoshiyuki Sugai of Japan traveled through Tarkio on his bicycle enroute from Los Angeles, California, to Boston, Massachusetts. Sugai said he is taking this long bike ride because he wants to see the country and went on to add that the United States is very large.
• The THS Girls’ Mile Relay Team (Angelica Erickson, Julie Holtz, Melanie Smith, and Tiffani Harrington) won 3rd at State with a time of 4:21.10. Eric Levings brought home four medals from the State meet. Marli Summa was named the State champion in the girls’ 100 Meter Hurdles with a time of 16.23.
May 30, 1968
• Tarkio boys were third and fourth place winners at the Hamburg Rodeo held last weekend. Bob Currie won third place in the bull riding and Mark Davis won fourth place in bulldogging.
• Tarkio Community Betterment met Monday at noon at the Walnut Inn. Mrs. J.D. McMillan reported that 11 new families in Tarkio have been called on and welcomed since February 1.
June 4, 1943
• It seems that the Atchison County inductees that left here the forepart of the week for Leavenworth didn’t consider the uniform of the bus driver proper to coincide with  the orders handed out by that worthy gentleman, and so when they got to Mound City they decided to get off and eat whether the bus driver liked it or not. This “act of insubordination” must have hurt the pride of the bus driver because when the boys had finished their lunch they found that the bus had departed without them. The boys got a ride from a stock truck to the St. Joseph bus depot.
• Members and friends of the First Baptist Church in Tarkio with the pastor, the Rev. A.L. Browning, will celebrate the golden anniversary of the church’s dedication Sunday at special services at the regular morning worship at 11 o’clock and at the evening union services of Tarkio churches.