The following letters were written by Rock Port Elementary School students for Teacher Appreciation Week (May 6 – 12, 2018).  During an assembly held on Monday morning, May 7, 2018, a winning letter was selected by former Elementary Principal Mrs. Jamie Evans. The winning letter was written by Ally Youngs for her sixth grade teacher Mrs. Lisa Weber.  Grace Church Pastor Chris Shimmel had the honor of reading Ally’s letter to those assembled.

Mrs. Lisa Weber with her student Ally Youngs after Ally’s letter was read as the winner.

Dear Mrs. Weber,
I enjoyed being in your class this year. I really did. But it makes me sad that the year is ending. You helped me through things I would have never gotten on my own. You’ve looked out for me and cheered me up. At the beginning of the year, I wasn’t sure about anything, but you were inviting. When we wrote the things about each other on the board, you reassured me every word was true. You make me want to come to school. Out of all my teachers I’ve had, you’ve been one of my favorites. When I don’t understand something you are always willing to help.
I wish I could come back again next year. You are splendid. You’re passionate about what you do and that wears off on me. It kind of makes me want to be a teacher. So thank you. Thank you for being more than a teacher. Thank you for being a friend.
Signed, Ally Youngs, 6th

Dear Ms. Roup,
I am thankful that you keep us safe.
Isaac Dougherty, Pre-K

Dear Mrs. Farley,
I love you. And I love the toys. I’m so glad that I’m in your class.
Love, Briar Daugherty, K

Dear Mrs. Hughes,
I like when you let us play outside when it’s not cold. She has lots of good activities.
Love, Lincoln Jackson, K

Dear Mrs. B,
You are the most funniest teacher ever. I will always be with you. You are the best teacher ever in all of first grade. Mrs. B, you are very, very, very nice. Mrs. B, I am glad that you let us have 2 recesses and math.
Your Friend, Grady Cook, 1st

Dear Mrs. Waigand,
You are an amazing teacher. I love when you always come in our classroom in the morning and you always come in with a smile. You are the best teacher.  I love science because you have great ideas.
Love, Leah Meyerkorth, 1st


Dear Mrs. Lawrence,
I will be writing what I think about you. You helped me all the way through second grade and you are the most sweetest, kindest and most thoughtful teacher I ever had. I’m glad to be in your class. I couldn’t do it without you. I want to stay with you, but I can’t.
Love, your favorite,
Logan Ellis, 2nd



Dear Mrs. Vette,
I’m sad that you are retiring. I don’t want you to leave. I might cry because I like you and why do you have to leave? Please don’t leave. I like you teaching. I know way more after second grade.
Love, Jaysen Hudson, 2nd


To Mrs. Amthor,
Mrs. Amthor is the best teacher. She’s the best out of the whole entire school. She gives us extra recess. She lets us watch movies. She’s nice and kind. I love you.
Love, Audrey Dougherty, 3rd


Dear Mrs. Gilson,
Here are four reasons why you are the best teacher.
Number one, you try to make everything we do fun. Like community building and math groups. During math we do Go Noodles to get our brains moving, that’s really fun.
The next reason is you are funny. When we make mistakes you just laugh and not get mad. When you make a mistake we laugh and so do you.
The third reason is you give us gum to concentrate. The gum helps me concentrate. Most teachers don’t give out gum.
The last reason is you help explain how to do a problem and you don’t get frustrated. Like when I need help with math you just help and not get mad. With writing with a teacher, when I need help with my work you help.
Your favorite student,
Kinleigh Daugherty, 4th


Dear Mrs. Walker,
You are the best teacher because you are so funny and very smart. Our class knows that you deeply care about us so much. Our class is so glad to have you as a teacher. Science is so fun. After Science, I always think that my brain is 10 times bigger.


Dear Ms. Armstrong,
I love that you are my teacher because we always do these really fun activities. In Science, we made the finger, the match cards and the chemical reactions. When we do these fun activities, we are also learning at the same time. In Language, we play BINGO. I think that is really fun. You always come ready for the day with a smile on your face. This has been the best year because of you.
From, Brady Cox


Mrs. Simmons,
Mrs. Simmons is the best teacher ever, because Mrs. Simmons is always welcoming to all who approach her. She could be having a bad day and still show kindness toward others. Mrs. Simmons is a great role model, and is very sweet and very funny. Your day could be the worst and Mrs. Simmons would turn that around and put a huge smile on your face. She is very understanding and always looks on the bright side of things. She is a great person, but she is also an awesome teacher. She helps you when you’re in trouble, loves all the time, and makes things fun and really funny. Mrs. Simmons knows what is right and she won’t hesitate to jump in and help those in need. She cares for others and won’t make you embarrassed. She helps work with us in all subjects. She takes her time in explaining things to make sure we understand. Mrs. Simmons always has something fun for us to do that can and does tie in with what we are learning, from math to social studies, to reading and language. I love Mrs. Simmons and I don’t want to leave her next year, but one thing is for sure that I will never ever forget my magnificent 5th grade teacher!
Avery Meyerkorth, 5th


The best teachers teach from the heart, not the book. Mrs. Hastert definitely teaches from the heart. Mrs. Hastert will always be one of my favorite teachers. She isn’t just a good teacher, she is a great person and a great mom. Mrs. Hastert is a good listener and has a good sense of humor. Mrs. Hastert will always joke around with us but will get work done. She is  always kind to us. Even though I didn’t get her the whole year I enjoyed each day with her. I will truly miss her smile and her personality. I remember how one time we were in groups for a Social Studies project learning about ancient people. When we found out that the men wore makeup and all the sudden Cade said “Ozey, would look ugly in makeup.” Mrs. Hastert said “Cade, you would have to wear it too.” The whole class laughed and it was funny. Mrs. Hastert, I feel so blessed that I got to be in your class. I am going to miss you so much next year. I would like to thank you for everything for having fun with, preparing me for 7th grade next year and for teaching me how to be a good person. I believe that you should get the Best Teacher of the Year Award. I will miss you. Thank you!
Reagan Walker, 6th


Dear Mrs. Weber,
I have really liked being in your class this year. My favorite part about your class is that you love math and want us to be successful in it. I have enjoyed reading Bud, Not Buddy and Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. The most fun thing we have done this year was playing Apples when the girls went to try out for cheerleading.
I always wanted to know what your second favorite subject is, other than math of course. My favorite subject this year has probably been reading, since we have read good books. The best past of 6th grade is definitely that you let us be so independent, we get to walk to band on our own. I have really like this year so far, you deserve the teacher of the year award.
Your Student,
Bannack Skillen, 6th


Dear Mrs. Eickoff,
She has an awesome room. She lets us paint. She has awesome chairs.
Emoree Green, K


Mrs. Ellis,
I like Mrs. Ellis because she lets us watch Bug’s Life in her room.
From Kenni Davis, K


Dear Mrs. Cox,
I like the games we play. Thanks for not getting mad. I hope you have a great summer. You are my favorite teacher. Thank you for helping me.
Holdyn Moore, 1st


Dear Mr. Gaines,
Thank you for teaching me math. You make it great to understand. I did not like math at all, but now that I go to your room I love math. Every day I wake up I am like yes I get to go to Mr. Gaines. I like how you explain math to me every time I get a question wrong I find out what it is because you make me think. That tells me that I have to be more confident in what I do. You make me try my hardest. That makes me think I can do math.
From Brady Cox, 5th


Dear Mrs. Hunter,
You are such a great music teacher. Music class is my favorite! I really enjoy it when you use funny voices to talk to us. You are a beautiful singer with great talent. You are a sweet, caring and a very thoughtful person. I think the plays you do with us are fabulous. You’re a very smart lady. It’s so much fun when we get to play with Boomerangs in your class. I feel very happy when I sing. I’m able to let me feelings out that way and I’m not nervous when I sing. You make me feel happy, Mrs. Hunter.  I would like to be like you when I grow up.
Love, Claire Spiegel, 5th


Dear Mrs. Mertens,
I love every day with you. Ever since I came to this school you have helped me read. You are a really really good teacher. Probably the best reading teacher in the world. It’s best when we’re together. When I’m in your room it makes me feel that I’m in this whole different universe.
Love, Your Student
Alexis Stanton, 4th


Mrs. Owen is the best speech teacher ever. She gives us stickers to go in the goody box. Another reason I think she is awesome,  she does awesome prizes. She teaches me to say Rs better.
Quentin Jackson, 4th


Dear Mrs. Palmer,
I love your class because you make things clear for us. We tune every day that way we know we might make our songs better. If we don’t get it, you help us or if our instrument doesn’t work, you help us. You are very nice. You are there if we need you. I’m pretty sure that’s everyone’s favorite class. You are patient and very funny. Every day you put a quote on the board to inspire us to keep working. You make things fun. And that’s why I love Mrs. Palmer’s class!
Lilly Pankau, 5th


Dear Mr. Shineman,
Thank you for being my P.E. teacher! I love it when you play games with us. You find fun games to play. You are SUPER nice! Thanks sooooo much!
Your student,
Ella Meyerkorth, 4th
P.S. I love being your neighbor!


Dear Mrs. Spiegel,
I love you because you’re my favorite teacher. I love you so that is what I like about you. I like you so much because you’re the best teacher. I like how to read better.
Jaecy-Mae Makings, 1st
Dear Mrs. Skillen,
Library is fun when you are the teacher because you read a chapter of a book to us and that makes me want to read it. You also let us play games after you read. My favorite part of checking out books is that you let me scan the books.
Your Student, Emma Teten 4th