June 17, 1993
• The Fairfax City Council tackled a varied agenda in their regular meeting June 9. Following the Sheriff’s department stating they would not be patrolling the streets of Fairfax, only respond if back-up is needed, the Council offered Marshal Harrington $50 more so he’d withdraw his letter of resignation and continue as Marshal.
• Bits & Wits by Uncle Fud: “Oh yes, did catch something different last weekend, the yearly big old snapping turtle. Don’t know why, but always seem to catch the turtle on Sunday morning. Don’t know if it has been out on the town (lake that is) and got confused going home and ran into my hook.”
June 13, 1968
• Super structure of the new Fairfax Manufacturing Company storage building was being put in place the first of the week by Samuel Construction Company contractors. The new addition is 60×100 feet and was made necessary by the expanding acceptance of products manufactured by the local company, owned by James K. Hunter.
• Mr. and Mrs. Jess Bowman will be honored at a reception Sunday, June 23, at the United Methodist Church in Fairfax from 2:00 until 5:00 on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary. Jess Bowman and the former Miss Vera Anderson of Tarkio were married in Bedford, Iowa, June 22, 1918, and have lived all their married life in Atchison County.
June 18, 1943
• Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Creed, son Jimmie, and Miss Emma Andes had a rather unpleasant experience when they drove into water on Highway 275 north of the Tarkio River bridge. Cow Branch, which approaches from the northwest, was up and water had backed onto the highway. Mr. Creed did not think the water was deep enough to prevent his crossing and before he realized its depth the water was up to the seats on the car. At that time the party left the car and waded out.
• Farmers were given just enough respite from rains last week to finish their corn planting and get started on cultivating some of the early corn, but there was no indication of a drought, for just about every night a big rain falls. The St. Joseph weather station reports 14 inches of rainfall to date in June, which makes the present month the wettest month on record at the station and the month is only little more than half gone.