June 25, 1943
Persons who watched the flood waters of the Missouri River last week, which threatened hundreds of acres of land along that uncertain stream in this county, have remarked at the unusually heavy load of sediment carried by the high water. This was no doubt due to the heavy local rains, which drained off of freshly cultivated land and carried an extra load of fresh dirt downstream. As a result, many low places, which were put out of use for the time being, got great fill of new dirt which will in later seasons make the ground exceptionally rich for farming operations.

June 20, 1968
A total of 635 miles of Missouri’s 1,120 mile designated share of the Interstate Highway System now is completed and open to traffic, according to a progress report by M. J. Snider, chief engineer of the Missouri State Highway Commission. In addition, Snider reported, Missouri has 112 miles of Interstate System routes presently under contract and being built, with 89 of those miles scheduled to be completed in 1968.

June 24, 1993
The Atchison County Mail announces it has begun offering a new advertising opportunity for area residents, CALL-IT-SOLD!, a new statewide touch tone classified ad system in cooperation with Missouri Press Service of Columbia. The system became operational in June, and is among the first of its kind in the nation. Readers will find the classified advertising categories for CALL-IT-SOLD! published in this newspaper. Advertisers placing classified or display ads on the CALL-IT-SOLD! audio system for a minimum of $7 for seven days per ad. Additional days cost a dollar a day.