By Georgia Gilley
The TEC club met June 12, 2018, at Aunt Martha’s B&B. There were nine players present. We miss our personnel director, Mary Anne Pennel, not being in command. However, all nine were privileged to witness Pam Cooper demonstrate the technique of applying the brush eyebrow mascara I mentioned in the last article. Martha Shaffer was the lucky woman who received the beautiful eyebrows, and after all the oohing and awing stopped, the games began. Sharon Smith solved our number problem by volunteering to return home. I wondered if she went home to explore the website Pam mentioned where you can buy this miracle mascara. TARTE is the site she gave.
Now to pitch: Janell McQuinn won high. Sorry I misspelled her name last time and turned her into Janell McQueen. Second high was Suzanne Southard, and low was Pam Cooper. I credit that low score to the eyebrow work. Mary Anne was the scheduled hostess, but since she was ill, we split the job. Janell brought the snacks, Martha furnished the drinks, and I picked up what was formerly known as a Tally-Ho in the old days. It’s an ice cream sandwich, really good and available at the Dairy Diner.
Conversation was pretty technical. Do you know how many seconds it is between the red lights blinking on the wind turbines? Two ladies did! And then we turned to school repairs and games at other schools until someone noticed the time. I should mention there was a difference of opinion on the red lights. But all agreed it was a great time to gather with friends.