Submitted by Chad Gray,
Atchison County Conservation Agent

Summer is the season for bugs in Atchison County. Above average rainfalls and river levels have contributed to higher densities of mosquitoes for recreational users.
Be sure to protect yourself against nature’s most annoying insect. There is a myriad of different diseases that mosquitoes proliferate. The most commonly known is West Nile Virus. The disease is transferred from the mosquito when you are bitten. Other diseases are also spread via mosquitoes. There are many ways to combat mosquitoes and make an outdoor adventure more fulfilling.
Citronella is a natural mosquito repellent and many stores sell candles that can be effective in keeping mosquitoes away. Technology has also produced many sprays and lotions that will effectively keep mosquitoes from biting you. My personal favorite is an item called a Thermacell. It is a small butane burner that heats a plate. On that plate sits a pad of repellent, and as the plate warms the repellent is distributed into the air. This creates a 15’x15’ mosquito free zone. It is extremely effective on our river bottoms here in Atchison County.
As always please be safe while recreating. You never know when your first time could be your last time. Your experience outdoors is only as good as you allow it to be.