By Georgia Gilley
The TEC club met June 26, 2018, at Martha’s B&B with three members absent, but Merylan Lowrey came to our rescue talking Karen Clark and Twilla Clark into joining us for a noisy afternoon of pitch. We didn’t allow them to take home any winnings, but we did enjoy their company. Sharon Smith also subbed for us.  It was my lucky day, winning high. Martha Shaffer won second high and Janell McQuinn won low. Janell won high last time, but cards are fickle.
Martha was hostess. She had promised me pie, but opted for cookies and ice cream: snickerdoodles, sugar, and chocolate chip. I sampled them all and with her special coffee, plus the ice cream, I managed. Gossip, I mean, discussions centered around Fairfax’s Summer Outdoor Market and then the subject of grandbabies and phone pictures took over. Sharon Smith won the prize for that.