July 15, 1993
• Duane and Kristy Umbarger recently purchased Simpson Pest Control. Duane worked 20 years with Simpson Pest Control. Umbarger’s Pest Control offers termite exterminating and treatment of household and industrial pests.
July 11, 1968
• Ticket sales are in full swing for the 1968 summer musical presentation of “Carnival” presented by the Mule Barn Opera House Co. It is part of the summer theatre festival programs presented at the newly air-conditioned quarters of the Mule Barn Theatre.
July 16, 1943
• Due to the keen interest and generosity of Mrs. J.C. Culbertson in the public library, redecoration of the interior of the library building on Main Street is near completion. The walls have been repapered and book shelves are painted light green. A new stack of shelves was also recently added and venetian blinds will be hung at the front window soon.