July 15, 1993
• A wind storm moved things around Thursday in Fairfax and heavy rains caused flooding. Saturday, Elaine Vogler called and reported the bridge east of her home had been washed out and many basements have water in them, a first in 40 years for some.
July 11, 1968
• The Moila Shrine Band from St. Joseph will march and perform at the Fairfax Fair. They will make a colorful presentation of pleasing band selections in their gay uniforms and Fairfax should be proud to have them here to add to the Fair entertainment.
July 9, 1943
• The English Grove Auxiliary met at the home of Mrs. H.H. Harmes last Thursday with Mrs. Merrill Mitchell as assisting hostess. The August meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Ed Burke with Mrs. Orvin Rhoades as assisting hostess.