Submitted By Kay Gibson

The Watson Quilters met Thursday night with Donna Whelan, Fran Phillips, Kathy Sloop, Tammy Oakes, Becky Mortimore, Frances Nahkunst, Anita Armstrong, Holly Holmes, and Kay Gibson attending. We are going to make a cancer quilt, and started trying to assemble a block, and gather material.
Last weekend guests of Kay and Tom Gibson were Mandy and Kevin Pitzen, Dylan and Chloe of Elk Horn, Iowa. Thursday guests were Nicole Gibson, Abbey and Baleigh of Chatom, Alabama.
I got an instant pot for my birthday and I’m trying to master it.
It seems to be a little better than the air fryer I got last winter. The man wouldn’t eat anything I cooked in it. If it’s not fried in grease, he’s not eating it.
But I’m going to conquer this pressure pot. The first pot roast I cooked wasn’t done, so it’s not as instant as one might be led to believe. I baked an angel food cake in it and we used it for a Frisbee. It lasted a week before we gave it to the dog to play with.
Do any of you have the instant pot? If so, I’d love to trade recipes.