By Georgia Gilley
The TEC Club met at Aunt Martha’s B&B Tuesday, July 10, 2018. It was another day when two substitutes were needed and Merylan Lowrey brought Karen Clark and Sherry Clement to join us. This time it was Karen who had the high score, with Pam Cooper, second high. Martha Shaffer was low. Martha’s son called from Alaska from the cruise ship where his band is entertaining, so one player shuffled back and forth playing one hand at one table and then back while Martha talked. This might not have helped Martha’s score, but it kept the games going.
Susan Braams was hostess and served Blondies from a recipe in Taste of Home. She called them Auburns instead because she substituted molasses for the brown sugar. The recipe is low in sugar, gluten free and egg free, making it super healthy for folks with digestive problems and food allergies.
The chit-chat ranged from the disgusting situation of separating children from parents, to the heroic rescue of the boys from the water-filled cave. And then it turned to medical experiences of which there were many to relate. And though we seldom discuss politics, we decided there were some changes in order, but we were all too old to march on Washington. And so it goes!