July 29, 1993
• In “Over the Backfence” by Nancy Gaines: Water everywhere and not any to drink. The sandbags worked at the end of Main Street and water falling off the Route J road into the south side sounded like we were at Niagara Falls. The Fairfax Fire Department did a superb job moving out of the firehouse and helping with the water threat. If the flooding was not enough, they were called out for a tornado alert Saturday night and at 11 p.m. the tornado alarm sounded. A funnel cloud was spotted south of Fairfax, but the cloud moved on to the northeast and did not touch down here.
• Friday…all water broke loose. Fairfax was an island and the residents of town stood and looked in awe. Since July 1, unofficially, Fairfax has received 26 inches of rain.
July 25, 1968
• An unusual specimen was brought to the Forum office recently by Donald Poe in the form of a newborn pig with facial deformities. It was alive and breathing from two separate snouts. The piglet also had three eyes. Other than the head, the animal was normal.
• Hospital expansion plans were well in evidence the first of this week as earth-moving equipment was on hand excavating for a lower level storage area and for footings for the new 22-bed extended care addition. S.J. Peterson is directing the construction program and E.N. Wake and crew will provide the labor with considerably outside added help as the project progresses.
July 30, 1943
• Some 25 Italian war prisoners have been at work the latter part of last week and this detasseling hybrid corn on the Seymour farm, west of town. They are under close guard at all times, but there is no indication that they are wanting to get away. They are brought back and forth daily from Shenandoah, Iowa, where about 300 Italian war prisoners are quartered in the old C.C.C. camp.
• Dolph Miller is carrying a piece of North African paper money sent to him by his son, Max, who is with the army in that war theatre. It appears to be a bank note issued by the Bank of Algiers, and is worth five francs, about ten cents in United States money.