The Tarkio R-I Board of Education met Thursday, July 19, 2018, at Tarkio High School. The meeting was called to order by President Jeff Meyer at 7 p.m. Those in attendance were board members Chris Yates, Jamie Barnett, Garrett Wood, Lydia Hurst, and board secretary Diane Hicks. Sam Hannah came in at 7:15 p.m. and Steve Klute was absent. Others in attendance were Tarkio R-I Superintendent Karma Coleman, Bruce Johnson, Tarkio Elementary Principal Kari Taylor, Jen Peregrine, Markie Sundermann, and Deyton Thomson.
The board approved minutes from the June 21, 2018, meeting, as well as the transfer of incidental funds to special revenue to pay certificated salaries. The consent agenda was approved as well as the district’s obligations.
Mrs. Coleman reported on the OPAA update. The Life Skills Classroom has been painted and pre-fabricated cabinets and pre-cut counter tops along with the appliances have been ordered.
The board voted to approve the payment to Fairfax for their part of the revenues for the co-op in the amount of $3,619.20.
The board voted to approve the consideration of Financing for the Lease Purchase. They also voted to adopt the Conflict of Interest Policy 0342.
Mrs. Taylor pointed out the changes to be made and the change in format in the ES handbook. The board unanimously voted to approve the changes.
The board voted to resend Policy 4336, which provided a sick leave bank for certified staff.
The board voted to approve new policies 1320, 2785, 2812, and 6445. They also approved the hiring of Caralee Barker for Crossing Guard due to the retirement of Shirley Flack.
The board unanimously voted to amend the Grounds Control bid to include HRC.
The board voted to approve the increase to $3.00 for adult meals and $1.25 for breakfast for all students.
The board voted to amend the contract of Jennifer Peregrine to reflect the appropriate number of years of teaching. They also approved the quote for the low maintenance flooring in 2 high school rooms.
The board voted to approve the quote for surveillance cameras at the Wellness Center, as well as the copier lease buy out for one Xerox copy machine.
The meeting moved into closed session pursuant to RSMo 610.001, to record and vote at 8:29 p.m. The meeting moved back into open session at 8:53 p.m. and closed at 8:58 p.m.