Submitted by Susette Taylor, Atchison County Clerk

As we approach Election Day I want to take a second to remind Atchison County voters about a few things.
1) This is a “party” primary election. You must choose a party to participate. Your choices are Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Green, Constitutional parties or Non-Partisan. This election is to “nominate” the party candidate to advance to the November General Election.


2) You cannot wear or bring candidate campaign materials into the polling place or within 25 feet of the exterior door. We love that you are passionate about your candidate, but please don’t break the law by wearing your hat, t-shirt, etc. into the poll. (That means you cannot discuss your favorite politician while in the poll either. Not with people in line, not with yourself or with the poll workers.)


3) After you check in and sign the poll register, you must audibly say the name of the party ballot you wish to vote so that the judges can hand you the correct one. Depending on which ballot you choose, you might have a specific race on your party ballot or not. Please, look over the sample ballots before you make your choice to ensure your candidate is on the ballot you choose!


Missouri voters do NOT register by party. You can pick any party ballot style you would like at the poll. Your ballot style will only include the candidates who filed under that part. You do not get to vote on everyone. The sample ballot in this paper is showing all candidates, but it is divided by party. You will only vote on the party you choose.


Finally, don’t forget to bring your photo ID with you. It is now required in Missouri.


Anyone with questions is encouraged to call Atchison County Clerk Susette Taylor at 660-744-6214.