By Georgia Gilley
The TEC Club met Tuesday, July 24, 2018, at the home of Pam Cooper. We were glad to welcome Ann Barnett as a substitute. We hadn’t seen her for a long while. When you are having fun with friends the time flies by. Our hostess, Pam Cooper, won high score, Susan Braams, second high, and Merylan Lowrey, low. That was surprising so I looked at her score card. One score was a zero. That’s really bad luck!
She recovered quickly when the fresh strawberry pie was served. Pam said the thickening didn’t work as well as she thought it ought to and that started a round of suggestions about clear jell, corn starch, flour, etc. when it was decided that the berries were probably juicier than usual. I love the way we solve problems. Then the conversation turned to telemarketers and phone problems and websites and the adventures of buying site unseen on the net. Sometimes when I’m feeling bored, I talk to the telemarkers and once in a while I get a real person. I think I sold the last one a robot vacuum when I finished my dialog about my love for IRobot. Have fun!
Some of the pitch girls continued the party at the home of Mary Anne Pennel on Wednesday, July 24. A foursome spent the afternoon munching on brownies, Queen Anne cherries, cheeses, and a variety of other goodies while the matches were played. Mary Anne had been unable to join us on several occasions and we didn’t want her to forget how to play. Georgia Gilley, Martha Shaffer, Suzanne Southard and Mary Anne managed to bring a few laughs to the table. The winning margin was one point.