August 12, 1993
• Over the Backfence by Nancy Gaines: “Great things are happening in the 4th grade this school year. The teacher, Mrs. Sweatman, had a dream of winning an incentive grant and took the time to apply for it, and the best part is she won! The Fairfax 4th grade will receive over $22,000 to use in purchasing lap top computers for her class.”
• A party was held for Devon Sons for his 7th birthday on Monday, August 2, at the Fairfax City Park. The children enjoyed many games involving water bombs and water guns. A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cake was served.
August 8, 1968
• Miss Twyilla Lewis, recently named Miss Fairfax, was honored at a barbecue Friday evening in the City Park with the Fairfax Volunteer Firemen and their families as hosts. Miss Fairfax was presented a $25 bond by the firemen and made an honorary member of the department. The firemen sponsored Miss Lewis as a candidate in the competition.
• The 1968 edition of The Guardian, Fairfax R-3 yearbook, has been dedicated to the Community of Fairfax. The dedication page is filled with pictures of recent accomplishments and improvements in the community including the prize-winning efforts of the Community Betterment program.
August 13, 1943
• Fathers 18 to 37 years old, with children born before September 15, 1942, will be reclassified to make them available for induction into the armed forces after October 1. Fathers will be drafted only when it is necessary to fill a local board’s quota. hey will be called without distinction regarding the number or ages of their dependent children. Those who are “key men” in agriculture or essential industry will be deferred, and those whose induction would cause “extreme hardship and privation to their families” will be deferred.