The contestants for Little Mr. and Miss Fairfax included: (57) Kaylee Allen, daughter of Tabatha & Dustyn Allen; (59) Adelynn Giddinge, daughter of T.J. & Heather Giddinge; (56) Emma Jean Ohlensehlen, daughter of Josh & LeAnn Ohlensehlen; (54) Aspyn Paisley Fast, daughter of David & Amy Fast; (58) Wendy Hurst, daughter of Brett & Shelby Hurst; (53) Delaney Oswald, daughter of Marshal & Michelle Oswald; (61) Parker Woodring, daughter of Kamron & Crystal Woodring; (55) Trevelyan Hicks-Bolin, son of Corie Hicks & Paul Bolin; (51) Ryan Jane Salmond, daughter of Andrew & Jeneá Salmond; and (52) Lena Michelle Wright, daughter of Kevin & Laura Wright.



Little Miss and Mr. Fairfax


The winners of the Little Mr. and Miss Fairfax contest were crowned Friday evening, August 10, 2018, at the Fairfax Fair. They were Wendy Hurst (Little Miss Fairfax) and Trevelyan Hicks-Bolin (Little Mr. Fairfax).