The Rock Port Tourism Board met Monday, August 13, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. at Rock Port City Hall. Members present were Mike Farmer, Holly Huntley, Tami Lansdown, Angela Mace, Chris Shimmel, and Jody VanSickle. Members absent were Mandy Herron, Diana Liess, and Malisa Linthicum. Also present were Craig Corken, Jim Clodfelter, W.C. Farmer, Alderwoman Lavon Paukert and Deputy Clerk Emily Schulte.
Jody VanSickle called the meeting to order. Mike Farmer moved to approve the meeting agenda. Holly Huntley seconded. All votes aye.


Holly Huntley moved to approve the July 23, 2018, meeting minutes. Chris Shimmel seconded. All votes aye.
Chris Shimmel moved to approve the July 2018 financials. Mike Farmer seconded. All votes aye.
Members from the Chamber of Commerce were present to discuss Old Fashioned Saturday Night. They’re continuing to add additional attractions such as old time photos, games, and dress-up contests. They’re welcoming additional ideas. The Tourism Board will be having the ball drop and an “Ugly Woman Contest.” A request will be made with the City for the bucket truck. Mike will be putting a flier and article together for the paper.


The Quilt Show & Vendor Market will be October 27. Tami will be running the Quilt Show and Holly volunteered to run the Vendor Market. It was decided not to supply the tables this year.
The Turbine Site Look-Out clean-up day will be held on September 22.
The next meeting date will be held Tuesday, September 11, 2018, at 6:00 p.m.
Mike Farmer moved to adjourn. Tami Lansdown seconded. All votes aye.