The East Atchison Wolves take up the victory formation in their win over Rock Port Friday, September 21, 2018. The Wolves won the contest 44-28. This was a huge win for the Wolves as it was the first time they had beaten the Blue Jays since the co-op and the first time Rock Port had lost to Tarkio athletes in football since 1995. However, in 1995 the teams were 11-man and there were a few years since 1995 that Rock Port and Tarkio did not play each other because one team was 11-man and one was 8-man. Needless to say, Friday’s game was an exciting one!

The East Atchison Wolves hosted the Rock Port and East Atchison contest Friday night, September 21, in Tarkio, Missouri.

Rock Port jumped on an onside kick first to give them the first possession. Starting on their own 38 yard line, the Blue Jays were not able to convert a first down and turned the ball over on downs to the Wolves on the Rock Port 38 yard line. EA’s #12 Jake McEnaney threw a bullet to #5 Garrett Meyer on the first play to move down into their own territory. Five plays later #1 Briacin Bywater found the end zone on a two yard dive. The two point conversion failed making the score 6-0.

After a return by #10 Brock Martin, the Blue Jays began their next drive on the 17 yard line. No. 29 Gavin Abbott and #10 Martin handled the ground game and #49 Will Oswald grabbed a 25 yard reception out of the air from #13 Alex Burke. No. 29 Abbott tied the game on a 13 yard run. The two point conversion failed, and the score was 6 – 6.

The Wolves’ next possession started on the Rock Port 37 yard line, with #1 Bywater moving the ball on the ground, along with a #12 McEnaney pass to #6 Kaylin Merriweather. East Atchison found the end zone again – #12 McEnaney on a three yard keeper. After a failed two point conversion the score was 12-6 in favor of East Atchison.

The next Rock Port series brought an end to the first quarter. After a touch back the Blue Jays’ drive began on the 15 yard line. Moving the ball down to their own 28 yard line on 10 plays, Rock Port failed to convert a first down, turning the ball over on downs to the Wolves on the Rock Port 28 yard line.

The Wolves and Blue Jays traded the next two series on turnovers on downs and a punt. EA began their next scoring drive on the Wolves’ 27 yard line. After six plays by #1 Bywater and #15 Gage McAdams, #12 McEnaney added the six points and hooked up with #7 Gus Hurst for the two point conversion, making the score 20 EA – 6 RP. That ended the first half of play.

Rock Port started on the East Atchison 15 yard line, and #59 Dalton Stevens and #28 Abbott found some tough yards on the ground. On a big gaining play called back for holding, the Blue Jays got pinned even deeper on the next play when #45 Ian Hedlund sacked #13 Burke to force a punt.

The Wolves started on their 34 yard line. There were three consecutive runs by #1 Bywater, the last being a 23 yard touchdown run. The two point conversion was good on a pass from #12 McEnaney to #15 McAdams. East Atchison scored first after half-time, making the score 28 – 6 in favor of the Wolves.

On another touch back, the Blue Jays began on the East Atchison 15 yard line. Abbott moved the ball a bit, but a sack courtesy of #5 Meyer forced Rock Port to punt.

The Wolves were on their own 39 yard line and moved the ball in six plays to again hit pay dirt on a one yard dive by #1 Bywater. The one yard touchdown was set up by a pass from #12 McEnaney to #5 Meyer, who also hooked up for a successful two point conversion. The score was 36 EA – 6 RP.

No. 34 Joey Herron had a big return to set the Blue Jays up for business on their own 28 yard line. Three plays later, #13 Burke pulled down the pass to run 23 yards to help advance the score for the Blue Jays. The two point conversion failed, and the score was 36 EA – 12 RP.

The Wolves came back with a very quick two-play drive, as #1 Bywater scored on a 32 yard run and also caught a pass for the two point conversion. The score was 44 EA – 12 RP.

On an almost identical drive the Blue Jays pushed up the score again. A two-play drive resulted in a touchdown, with #29 Abbott running 46 yards to find the end zone, and #13 Burke on the keeper for the two point conversion. The score was EA 44 – RP 20 at the end of the third quarter.

The next scoring drive Rock Port started on the East Atchison 25 yard line. Eleven plays later, #13 Burke on a keeper scored the touchdown and #10 Martin added the two point conversion, bringing the score to EA 44 – RP 28.

The Wolves were able to end the game on their own terms with the next possession, taking the victory formation to end the final seconds of the game.

East Atchison is on the road this Friday, September 21, as they travel to Mound City. Rock Port will host King City. Both games start at 7 p.m.