Motorists traveling home from their Thanksgiving festivities had quite a time making it safely on the roads this year. A snowstorm moved in Sunday, November 25, dropping over 8 inches of the fluffy stuff on Atchison County. Combined with freezing rain that had fallen before the snow and wind gusts 40 miles per hour or more, driving conditions were horrendous. Interstate 29, as well as several major highways in the area were shut down Sunday due to the impassable conditions and accidents.

The wrecks and closures caused many motorists to be stranded in Atchison County so the Red Cross, with the help of the Rock Port United Methodist Church, set up a temporary shelter at the church. Thirty people were provided shelter and food and around 13 people stayed the night using cots that had been set up (others either found other means of transportation or hotel rooms nearby). Thanks to the generosity of local law enforcement picking them up from their stranded vehicles and the Red Cross and church officials providing the amenities, the weary travelers were kept safe and warm for the night. Atchison County is a great place to live (and to shelter) and those who assisted in any way should be commended!