January 20, 1994

• “Over the Backfence” by Nancy Gaines: “Now the big bucks is in pro football. If you watched the K.C. Chiefs game Sunday you could see Joe Montana’s elbow swelled up and it had to be hurting. If they wanted to eliminate him why didn’t someone just swat him on the elbow a couple of times, then he couldn’t have played. But then the team paid a lot of dollars to get this man to even play in K.C. It will be interesting to see how he maneuvers around when he’s 60.”

• “Over the Backfence” continued: “The parking lot of Schooler Funeral Home is sure nice. The parking is just east of the funeral home and Jim hopes to get a sign erected soon. It is all graveled now and has two entrances. A real nice improvement for this business.”

January 16, 1969

• Mrs. J. Hayden Pyeatt, advisor to the annual staff, has announced the staff members for the 1969 Guardian. Dan Umbarger has been named editor-in-chief with Mary Beth Cook as assistant. Barbara Taylor will serve as business manager and Jo Beth Shineman will be assistant business manager. Around 30 others will also be contributing in various capacities.

• Mrs. Wm. M. Sly and son, H.O. Sly, and Miss Marguerite McConnell expect to leave Friday by special train to Washington, D.C., to attend the inaugeration for President Richard M. Nixon. They will also be taken on guided tours of points of interest in Washington, D.C., and nearby shrines.

January 21, 1944

• For the first time in its history, the Exchange Bank of Fairfax passed the million dollar mark in deposits Monday of this week. A year ago the deposits were approximately $500,000.

• Larry Allison of Suisun, California, came Tuesday and has completed a deal whereby he sold his residence, property, and garage in Fairfax to Art Moser. Mr. Allison says he and his family like California and that he has a good job in the shipyards.