The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, known as WIC, remains in operation in Missouri. Missouri WIC local agencies will continue to hold appointments with participants and will provide the same level of services and benefits. Missouri WIC has received funding to support normal program operations through at least March 31, 2019. WIC local agencies will continue normal operations at the same level. In addition, the WIC state agency has notified local agencies and retailers that the program will allow all benefits issued to participants to be redeemed for the months printed on the WIC checks. Some participants are on tri-monthly benefit issuance; therefore, during the month of March, benefits will be issued to some participants for April, May and June.

The partial government shutdown, and lack of an approved federal budget for the USDA, has interrupted the normal flow of funding and information from USDA to WIC state agencies. The WIC state agency is participating in regular calls with USDA to remain apprised of developments at the federal level. USDA has been issuing funding needs surveys and is working diligently with individual state agencies to avoid interruptions to WIC benefits and services.

The state agency plans to issue another programmatic update by February 28, 2019, regarding funding and further continuation of program operations.

Learn more about qualifying and enrolling in the Missouri WIC program by visiting the Missouri WIC website at to locate your local agency or call 1-800-835-5465.