February 17, 1994

• “Bits & Wits by Uncle Fud”: “Heard one news commentator say that Valentine’s Day was not only good for card and candy manufacturers. It was also a boost for agriculture as each pound of candy has about $.20 worth of corn sweetener in it.”

• On Wednesday, January 26, Dr. Scarbrough visited the 4th graders, who had just finished a thematic unit on flight. Dr. Scarbrough brought his daughter, Sarah, to help him with a slide presentation and video about falconry. He also brought his falcon, Havoc, into the classroom.

February 13, 1969

• Mrs. Grace Stoner, Fairfax, is one of five Atchison County women enrolled in the School of Practical Nursing at Northwest Missouri State College who received their official nurses’ caps in a capping ceremony February 9 in the Charles Johnson Theater of the Olive DeLuce Fine Arts building on campus. The others include: Mrs. Emma Lee McEnaney, Tarkio; Mrs. Cashie Ploof, Rock Port; and Mrs. Loretta Kay Walker and Mrs. Ann Cook, both of Tarkio.

February 18, 1944

• Last Saturday morning brought the coldest weather Atchison County has recorded in several years and when some local thermometers registered 27 degrees below zero, it was almost unbelievable. However, the government thermometer at Tarkio is reported to have registered 27 below, so it is more than likely that Fairfax temperatures were just about as frigid. The Tarkio registration was the lowest recorded in the entire country with one exception, and that was at Bismark, North Dakota, which had a low mark of 28 below. The extremely low temperatures followed the heaviest snow storm of the winter, which came Thursday and left some nine inches of snow in the community.