This past month, three Fairfax R-3 art students, Jaecey Hill, Milana Shcherbakova and Jaelynn Hill, displayed some of their work with other high school students at Northwest Missouri State University. This was a real honor to have their work on display. Milana Shcherbakova’s art is pictured above left, Jaecey Hill’s is in the center, and Jaelynn Hill’s sculpture is pictured above right.

Fairfax R-3 art teacher Patty Bredensteiner entered students’ art in the Krefeld Art Museum Contest and Jaecey Hill of Fairfax won 3rd place in this contest on her sculpture (above, far left). Students created art that displayed The Power of Wind and Water. Other Fairfax students who displayed their artwork in this show were fourth graders Piper Morris (above, second from left), Carter Oswald (above second from right) and freshman Oliver Smith (above, far right).