A retirement reception was held Sunday, May 5, 2019, for Nancy Harrington.

Nancy Harrington of Fairfax, Missouri, said goodbye to her students and retired after 26 years of teaching in schools in Atchison and Holt counties.

Nancy was born and raised in Fairfax and graduated second in her class from Fairfax R-3 High School in 1982. She graduated from Peru State College in 1993 with a B.S. in 7-12 mathematics and continued education with a K-12 certification in physical education. Nancy is married to Mike Harrington and they have three daughters, Stephanie Stevens, Courtney Grossman, and Whitney Schebaum. Nancy and Mike have four grandchildren, Zander Grossman (7 years), Greenley Grossman (4 years), Nash Stevens (2 years), and Annistyn Schebaum (2 years).

Nancy taught at Craig R-3 from 1993-1997 as a para, 7th grade math teacher and later became the P.E. teacher and coach. She taught in Rock Port from 1997-1998 as a math teacher. Most people will remember her years spent teaching at Fairfax R-3 from 1998-2018 as a coach and math teacher. This last year she finished back at Craig as a math teacher. Besides teaching students in the classroom, Nancy also provided leadership to student athletes as a coach, including those who played basketball, volleyball, and track. She coached approximately 12 years.

Nancy said, “The person who influenced me the most in high school was my basketball coach Garey Smith and I think this is what made me decide that I wanted to be a coach and teacher. He was and still is my hero of all time. Thanks Coach, I believe I am how I am today because of you.”

Nancy was a much-loved math teacher at Fairfax. She was known for the “Math Flipper,” which has helped many students and has been passed down from class to class. She said, “Teaching math has been my love, but I would not have had this love for teaching if it wasn’t for each and every student who has passed through my classroom doors (whether in the classroom or on the court). It’s the students who have touched my life the most and I will forever be grateful to each and every one of them. I would like to wish each student of mine nothing but success with their individual life goals. I would like to also thank all of my administrators and coworkers who I have had in these last 26 years of my profession for their positive advice and their support. They have all had a part in me being the teacher/coach/ and person I am today.”

Nancy also wanted to make sure her students know that if ever they need any help, whether it be in math, sports, or just life, they all know where to find her. Nancy plans to enjoy her retirement by spending time with her family and grandchildren, as well as crafting, baking, traveling and gardening.