The east Atchison Baseball Team included, from left to right: front row – Aaron Schlueter, Devin Guajardo, Jesse Navin, Bo Graves, and Keaton Williams; middle row – Jayce Navin, Tony Skeen, Jake Mcenaney, Gage McAdams, and Gus Hurst; and back row – Josh Smith, Max Hopkins, Tyler Brown, and Zach Garrison.

The EA Booster of the Year Award was presented to eric Lahart, Tarkio Hy- Vee Manager.

The East Atchison Boys’ Basketball Team included, from left to right: front row – Kaylin Merriweather, Titus eaton, Hunter Bennett, Tyler Brown, Wyatt Burke, Briacin Gebhards-Bywater, and Jake Mcenaney; and back row – Dylan Campbell, Jordan Goodin, ian Hedlund, Kaden Cooper, Zach Garrison, Gage McAdams, and Max Hopkins.

The Boys Golf Team included Kaden Cooper, Eric Gilpin and Luke Roberson.

The East Atchison Boys’ Track Team included, from left to right: front row – Kaylin Merriweather, Bo Graves, Lucas Joesting, and Wyatt Burke; and back row – Hunter Bennett, Wyatt Gray, ian Hedlund, Briacin Gebhards-Bywater, and Gage McAdams.

The EA Basketball Cheerleaders included seniors emily Vance, left, and Skye Clark, right. Skye also received the Spirit Stick trophy.

The East Atchison Girls’ Basketball Team included, from left to right: front row – Brooke Lee, Ella Rolf, Jesse Graves, Olivia Morris, Sophia Martin, Chloe Bruns, Mercedes Parshall, and Morgan Parshall; and back row – Brynnan Poppa, Kilea Cooper, Jaycee Graves, Hannah Brown, Cheyenne Gray, Grace Martin, Kaely Kirwan, and Haley Garrison.

The east Atchison Girls’ Track Team included, from left to right: front row – Gabby DeRosier, Kaely Kirwan, ella Rolf, Jesse Graves, Madison Lesher, Mercedes Parshall, and Alli Yates; and back row – Hannah Brown, Anna Klute, Jaycee Graves, Haley Garrison, Grace Martin, Brynnan Poppa, and Sophia Martin.

The Tarkio High School Senior Athletes of the Year were Grace Martin and Gage McAdams.

The East Atchison Wrestling Team included, from left to right: front row – Bo Graves, emily Vance, Justin Stanton, Lucas Joesting, and Jaden Clark; and back row – Aaron Schlueter, Cameron Nance, Grant Turnbull, Jayden Umbarger, and Ashton Yeary.

The East Atchison winter and spring sport athletes were honored at an awards banquet held Tuesday evening, May 21, 2019, at the Tarkio Community Building. Athletic Director Joe Unternahrer welcomed all in attendance and the invocation was given before everyone enjoyed a delicious meal. Then the awards ceremony began.
Wrestling Coach Kurt Sloop recognized the 2018-19 wrestlers. All wrestlers lettered: Emily Vance, Dillan Palmer, Ashton Yeary, Grant Turnbull, Jayden Umbarger, Jaden Clark, Bo Graves, Lucas Joesting, Cameron Nance, Aaron Schlueter, and Justin Stanton. He also recognized manager Riley Lekey. Ashton Yeary was named Most Valuable Player and Jaden Clark was named Most Improved Wrestler. Senior Emily Vance was also recognized for years of dedication to the wrestling team and successes on the mat.
Girls’ Basketball Coach Dustin Barnes recognized the 2018-19 ballers, to include (EA denotes letter winners): Hannah Brown EA, Chloe Bruns EA, Lily Graves EA, Kaely Kirwan EA, Grace Martin EA, Kinley Thornhill EA, Jae Barnett, Kilea Cooper EA, Jaycee Graves EA, Jesse Graves EA, Harley Caudill, Cheyenne Gray, Mercedes Parshall EA, Morgan Parshall EA, Brynnan Poppa, Ella Rolf, Jayden Van Zant, Kaytlin Young, Haley Garrison, Jaden Goodin, Brooke Lee, Sophia Martin, Olivia Morris, and Stormy Nordhausen.
Boys’ Basketball Coach Kevin Dodson recognized team members, including (EA denotes letter winners): Tyler Brown EA, Zach Garrison EA, Max Hopkins EA, Gage McAdams EA, Garrett Meyer EA, Trey Bowling EA, Wyatt Burke, Briacin Bywater, Jordan Goodin, Braylen Lambert, Jake McEnaney EA, Hunter Bennett, Kaden Cooper EA, Ian Hedlund EA, Dylan Campbell, Titus Eaton, Carter Holecek, Deondre Hughes, Kaylin Merriweather, and Braiden Wennihan. Gage McAdams was presented the Most Valuable Player Award. Zach Garrison was given the Hustle Award. Trey Bowling earned the 6th Man Award. Kaden Cooper and Ian Hedlund earned the Most Improved Award. Garrett Meyer received the Offense Award, Gage McAdams received the Defense Award, and Jake McEnaney earned the Leadership Award.
Basketball cheerleaders were recognized by sponsors Erica Taylor and Kelly Morris. They included (all lettered) Skye Clark, Emily Vance, McKenzie Frohn, Gena Mithell, Jaden Goodin, and Katie Hall. Skye Clark earned the Spirit Award. Miss Taylor also recognized senior Megan Lee for her years spent as the mascot.
Girls’ Track Coach Joe Unternahrer recognized team members (EA denotes letter winners): Hannah Brown EA, Gabby DeRosier EA, Kaely Kirwan EA, Madison Lesher EA, Grace Martin EA, Jaycee Graves EA, Jesse Graves EA, Anna Klute, Autumn Murry EA, Mercedes Parshall EA, Brynnan Poppa EA, Ella Rolf EA, Alli Yates EA, Haley Garrison, and Sophia Martin EA.
Boys’ Track Coach Aaron Behrens  recognized team members (all lettered): Wyatt Gray EA, Gage McAdams EA, Wyatt Burke EA, Briacin Bywater EA, Hunter Bennett EA, Ian Hedlund EA, Matthew Driskell EA, Bo Graves EA, Lucas Joesting EA, and Kaylin Merriweather EA.
Boys’ Golf Coach Samantha Stadel recognized team members (EA denotes letter winners) Kaden Cooper EA, Eric Gilpin, and Luke Roberson. Kaden Cooper was named Most Valuable Player.
Baseball Coach Casey Martin recognized team members (EA denotes letter winners): Tyler Brown EA, Zach Garrison EA, Max Hopkins EA, Gage McAdams EA, Jayce Navin EA, Gus Hurst EA, Jake McEnaney EA, Keaton Williams EA, Devin Guajardo, Jaelynn Hill, Alexis Brown, Bo Graves, Carter Holecek EA, Jeses Navin, Aaron Schlueter EA, Tony Skeen EA, Josh Smith EA, Cory Stevens, and bat boy Quin Staten. Individual awards were presented to: Team Co-MVP – Gage McAdams and Jake McEnaney; Most Improved Player – Gus Hurst; Wolf Award – Tyler Brown; Hustle Award – Zach Garrison; and Newcomer of the Year – Tony Skeen. Gage, Jake and Gus were all named 2nd Team 2A All-Dist 16, Gage as a utility player, Jake as DH and Gus as a Centerfielder.
Following the team awards, special scholarships and awards were presented. Casey Martin presented Wyatt Gray, Gage McAdams, and Garrett Meyer with the Palmeiro Foundation Senior Football Player Scholarship. The Bruce Hogue Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Garrett Meyer. The Duke Nuckolls Memorial Scholarship was presented to Kaely Kirwan. The Booster of the Year Award was presented to Eric Lahart. Eric is the manager at Tarkio Hy-Vee and along with Hy-Vee, provides concessions at the baseball games. He also coaches youth basketball and baseball and always is a huge supporter of our local athletes and athletic programs. Gage McAdams was given special recognition and a plaque for his four State Pole Vault Championships (he was a 9 time State Track qualifier), as well as setting the EA record for Pole Vault at 15’3 and Javelin at 162’6”. Gage McAdams and Grace Martin were named Senior Athletes of the Year.