Tarkio High School alum- ni and their guests gathered in the THS Gym Saturday, May 25, 2019, for the annu- al alumni banquet. The gym was packed full of former Tarkio students eager to greet classmates and friends they haven’t seen in years. Honored classes this year included 1949, 1954, 1959, 1964, 1969, 1974, 1979, 1984, 1989, 1994, 1999, 2004, 2009, 2014, and 2019.

Gage McAdams, Class of 2019, welcomed all in attendance, and Grace Martin, Class of 2019, gave the invo- cation.

Torrey Pines of Tarkio provided the meat for the banquet. Sides were made by Teresa Shaw, Barbie Lee and Mary Ann Hull, and cookies were made by Michelle Navin.

Master of Ceremonies was Doug McNulty, Kansas City, THS graduate. He introduced the officers and helped with introductions.

Megan Lee, Class of 2019, introduced the senior class attendees. Chloe Bruns gave the senior class response.

The business meeting was conducted and minutes from last year’s banquet were read. The event closed with everyone singing the Alma Mater.

Alumni representing the Tarkio High School Class of 1949 (pictured left to right) were: front – Rowena (Jones) Broermann; back – Lyllis (Nelson) Vette, Virgil Henning, Beverly (Jackson) Gibbons, and Shirley (Martin) McLaren.

Representing the Tarkio High School Class of 1954 (pictured left to right) were: Ray Scribner, Jean (George) Wheatley, Lois (Craven) Powell, Jim Powell, and Marilyn (Meek) Draper.

Representing the Tarkio High School Class of 1964 (pictured left to right) were: front row – Linda (Robbins) Herbel, Kathryn (Johnson) Hochstein, Lonnie Moore, Cathie (Davenport) Peregrine, Phyllis (Pendergrass) Schimming, Steven H. Hoffrogge, and Annette (Low) Kaplan; back row – Barbara (Johnson) Hines, Linda (Meek) Blair, Bob Wallace, Dan Alsup, Nancy Daugherty, and James L. Brown.

Tarkio High School Class of 1969 (pictured left to right) included: front row – Terry Freeman, Kathy (Crapson) Francis, Kayla (Musch) Beatty, Sheridan (Staples) Mires, Karen (Turner) Thayer, Jane (Hardy) Lutz, Marilyn (Alsup) Jensen, and Jane (Rhoades) McIntire; middle row – Nicki (Murphy) Martin, Karen (Mehaffey) Potter, Rebecca Turnbull, Kathy Wessler, Nancy Dunham, Patty (Currie) Rolofson, Debbie (Nelson) Martin, and Joel Borowicz; back row – Larry Morrison, Roger Southard, Roger Wallace, Jim Mather, Lyle Brown, and Rick Riley.

Alumni of the Tarkio High School Class of 1974 (pictured left to right) included: front row – Cathy Dennis, Boyd Dennis, Kenna (Herrick) Levings, Sharmen (Vette) Slemp, Lee Slemp, Sally Wehmann, and Jeanine (Baer) Martin; back row – Shaun (Smith) Alcorn, Gary Vette, Don Broermann, Tim Shaw, Kenny Hopkins, Tom Ryan, and Janet (Nixon) Peters.

Sam Hannah represented the Tarkio High School Class of 1994

Briana Blackman, left, Amber Smith, center, and Markie Sundermann, right, are members of the Tarkio High School Class of 2009.

Members of the Class of 2019 (pictured left to right) who attended the alumni banquet are: front row – Megan Lee, McKenzie Hines, Grace Martin, Madison Lesher, and Skye Clark; back row – Jayce Navin, Gage McAdams, Catelyn Prater, and Chloe Bruns.ALu