The Tarkio Elementary students were recognized for their achievements throughout the past school year at an awards assembly held in the gym Thursday, May 23, 2019.
Principal Kari Taylor recognized the students who had attended school 98% or more of the time.
The kindergarteners were presented awards by teachers Kaitlyn Dunkin and Jayne Martin.
Award recipients for Mrs. Dunkin’s class included: Book-It Award – Faith Bennett, Owen Bruce, Lexi Caudill, Mame Dow, Jenna Gebhards, Jasper Harbin, Landry Hurst, Gray Klosek, Eli Lundy, Katie Smith, Bryar Wennihan, Lyla Walker, Tucker Wheeler, Aliyah Wilke, and Brinkley Wright; Vocabulary Words Award (passed all 41 popcorn words in kindergarten) – Faith Bennett, Owen Bruce, Lexi Caudill, Mame Dow, Jenna Gebhards, Jasper Harbin, Landry Hurst, Gray Klosek, Eli Lundy, Katie Smith, Bryar Wennihan, Lyla Walker, Tucker Wheeler, Aliyah Wilke, and Brinkley Wright; High Achiever (passed their reading goal all 4 quarters) – Mame Dow, Landry Hurst, Gray Klosek, Eli Lundy, Katie Smith, Lyla Walker, Tucker Wheeler, and Brinkley Wright; AR Point Clubs – (5 points) Jasper Harbin, Katie Smith, and Bryar Wennihan, (10 points) Gray Klosek, Eli Lundy, Lyla Walker, Tucker Wheeler, Aliyah Wilke, and Brinkley Wright, (15 points) Tucker Wheeler, (20 points) Mame Dow, and (35 points and 44,422 words read) Landry Hurst; and Name and Address Award – Mame Dow, Landry Hurst, Gray Klosek, Eli Lundy, Katie Smith, Bryar Wennihan, Lyla Walker, Tucker Wheeler, Aliyah Wilke, and Brinkley Wright.
Award recipients for Mrs. Martin’s class included: Book-It – Zoey Anderson, Raiden Baruth, Charlee Duran, Cayson Martin, Jerald Goodin, Vera Hale, Aspyn Hardisty, Treyvin Schoonover, Layla Livengood, Jasper Navin, Jackobi Robertson, Mikayla Smith, Charlotte Wright, and Titus Wright; Vocabulary Words Award (passed all 41 popcorn words in kindergarten) – Zoey Anderson, Vera Hale, Charlotte Wright, Titus Wright, Jackobi Robertson, Treyvin Schoonover, Charlee Duran, Cayson Martin, Mikayla Smith, Layla Livengood, and Jerald Goodin; High Achiever (passed their reading goal all 4 quarters) – Vera Hale and Jackobi Robertson; AR Point Clubs – (5 points) Titus Wright, Charlee Duran, Jerald Goodin, Vera Hale, Mikayla Smith, and Titus Wright, (10 points) Jackobi Robertson; and Name and Address Award – Titus Wright, Cayson Martin, Vera Hale, Raiden Baruth, Jerald Goodin, Layla Livengood, Jackobi Robertson, Charlee Duran, Zoey Anderson, Mikayla Smith, Charlotte Wright, and Treyvin Schoonover.
Kindergarteners receiving awards from Markie Sundermann included: Alexis Caudill – Queen of Questions,  Time Keeper, and Future Teacher; and Jackson Hogue – Dancing King,  Daring Dancer, and Mr. Caring.
The first graders were presented awards by Kerri Ohrt and Renee Hull. Award recipients included: Math Facts – Katie Avrett, Landon Driskell, Skyla Holtz, Brynleigh Lopez, Olivia Searl, Harper Wood, Rolen Lahart, Graceyn Reeves, Tucker Hurst, Tristan Burke, Brynna Alsup; Memorizing Words – Katie Avrett, Landon Driskell, Sophie Hegstrom, Viktorya Hogue, Skyla Holtz, Rolen Lahart, Brynleigh Lopez, Olivia Searl, Raylan Stillwell, Harper Wood, Ava Brown, Brynna Alsup, Tristan Burke, Tucker Hurst, Quad Klosek, Graceyn Reeves, and Landon Scott; AR Points – Katie Avrett, Brynleigh Lopez, Raylan Stillwell, Ava Brown, and Landon Scott, (20 points); Landon Driskell, Skyla Holtz, Olivia Searl, Quad Klosek, and Brynna Alsup (30 points); Sophie Hegstrom, Rolen Lahart, Viktorya Hogue, and Tristan Burke (40 points); Tucker Hurst, (50 points); Graceyn Reeves (60 points); and Harper Wood (70 points); Exceeding Reading Goals for All 4 Quarters – Landon Driskell, Sophie Hegstrom, Viktorya Hogue, Rolen Lahart, Brynleigh Lopez, Raylan Stillwell, Harper Wood, Brynna Alsup, Tucker Hurst, and Graceyn Reeves; and Most Words Read – Harper Wood and Tucker Hurst.
First graders who were presented awards by Markie Sundermann were: Mikayla McDonald – Headed to Hollywood,  Mother Hen, and Happy Helper; Brayden Widener – Chatterbox,  Pro Puzzler, and Amazing Artist ; and Julien Jimenez – Morning Newscaster,  Future YouTube Star, and Stick To It.
The second graders were presented awards by teachers Laura Forehand and Jennifer Peregrine.
Mrs. Forehand’s award recipients included: High Achiever in Reading – Keely Bredensteiner, Aiden Erickson, Bentlee Gladman, Grayson Masonbrink, Kinsley Merriweather, Xander Moore, Emma Navin, Caroline Powell, Raelynn Sachs, Josh Schlueter, Teagan Taylor, and Owen Thompson; Extra Math – Keely Bredensteiner, Caroline Powell, Owen Thompson, Teagan Taylor, and Josh Schlueter; and Kids’ Choice Awards – Raelynn Sachs – Sunshine Award, Keely Bredensteiner – Marvelous Mathematician, Teagan Taylor – Future Teacher, Aiden Erickson – Most Dependable, Grayson Masonbrink – Superhero, Xander Moore – Everyone’s Friend, Owen Thompson – Super Scientist, Caroline Powell – Bookworm, Emma Navin – Handy Helper, Josh Schlueter – Computer Wiz, Bentlee Gladman – Fact Finder, and Kinsley Merriweather – Kindness Award.
Awards presented by Mrs. Peregrine included: AR Points – Gracie Walker, Owen Vette, Michael Vance, Caleb Smith, Brilee Slemp, Rogan Russell, Colton Rightsell, Viviane Hale, Makenna Caudill, Alegra Brodrick, and Leila Brooks; Extra Math – Gracie Walker, Owen Vette, and Viviane Hale; 100 AR Points – Owen Vette and Makenna Caudill; and Kids’ Choice Awards – Gracie Walker – Marvelous Mathematician, Owen Vette – Computer Wiz, Michael Vance – Handy Helper, Caleb Smith – Superhero, Brilee Slemp – Love of Learning, Rogan Russell – Most Dependable, Colton Rightsell – Best Handwriting, Savannah Kinzie – Sunshine Award, Milton Holtz – Always Smiling, Vivane Hale – Amazing Artist, Makenna Caudill – Everyone’s Friend, Alegra Brodrick – Bookworm, and Leila Brooks – Character Kid.
Second graders receiving awards from Markie Sundermann included: Milton Holtz – Mr. Nice Guy,  Hug Bug, and Outdoorsman; and Savannah Kinzie – Bookworm,  Dreamer, and Happy Helper. Owen Thompson also received a Reading Award for having read 628,280 words.
Principal Taylor recognized the third through fifth graders who had 98% or above attendance: Kelsey Avrett, Annalee Livengood, Jax Peregrine, Macie Stepp, Braylyn Wood, Ian Brown, Camden Lahart, Taytum Maddox, Axyl Slemp, Abbie Thompson, Olivia Schaefer, Brayden Smith, Carter Wennihan, Kennedy White, Robbie Armstrong, Emily Gebhards, Janae Harbin, Kale Lekey, Bo Peregrine, Lexi Brown, Bella Bywater, Grace Caudill, Beth Clark, Bailey Wennihan, Delainee White, Karsyn White, Brody Wennihan, Brenden Lahart, Parker Livengood, Gavin Mattice, and Breanna Shaw.
Mrs. Taylor also recognized Carter Wennihan and Kennedy White for having Perfect Attendance.
Third graders were honored by teachers Brooke Walton and Diana Parra.
Mrs. Parra handed out individual awards to: Ceanna Caldwell – Morning Person, Treyton Brown – Class Comedian, Ben Rolf – Ravenous Reader, Macie Stepp – Future Teacher, Camden Lahart – Timekeeper, Braylyn Wood – Leader of the Pack, Kade Pridell – Daring Dancer, Maddox Pearson – Out of my Shell, Annalee Livengood – Happy Helper, Easton Madron – Super Speller, Damon Drummond – Storytelling Star, Savanna Lindsay – Miss Congeniality, Rhoni Caudill – Marvelous Messenger, Zoe Rosenbohm – Hug Bug, and Shaylon McNaughton – Chatterbox.
Miss Brooke Walton presented invidiual awards to: Taytum Maddox – Taskmaster, Jayden Scott – I’ll Tell You All About It, Luke Gebhards – Mr. Congeniality, Sophia Riley – Mother Hen, Abby Thompson – Most Improved Reader, Emily Smith – Quiet Achiever, Jax Peregrine – Eager Reader, and Ian Brown – Laughter Award.
Receiving the High Achiever AR Awards for all four quarters were Karsyn White, Jax Peregrine, Kaiden Nelson, Zander Wallace, Treyton Brown, Camden Lahart, Kade Pridell, Ben Rolf, and Braylyn Wood. Receiving the Extra Math Awards were Easton Madron and Taytum Maddox. Ben Rolf received an award for having 133 AR Points.
Fourth grade awards were presented by teachers Erica Taylor and Carrie Driskell. Academic Award recipients included: Danika Agnew and Bailey Wennihan – Rad Readers, Brody Wennihan and Finn Hurst – Social Studies Genius, Lexi Brown – Wonderful Writer, Delainee White – Super Speller, Bailey Wennihan – Wonderful Writer, Brendon Lahart – Super Speller, Brenden Lahart and Lexi Brown – Mathematicians, and Bailey Wennihan and Brody Wennihan – Super Scientists.
High Achiever AR Points Awards were presented to Velicity Hegstrom, Finn Hurst, Brenden Lahart, Bailey Wennihan, and Delainee White.
Individual awards were presented to: Lexi Brown – Morning Person, Brody Wennihan – Class Comedian, Danika Agnew – Right Hand Woman, Breanna Shaw and Aiden Jimenez – Future Teachers, Dalton Hogue – Computer Wiz, Parker Wennihan – Mr. Sports, Matthew Vance – Never A Dull Moment, Aubrey Sachs and Curtis Smith – Outstanding Artists, Delainee White – Daring Dancer, Bella Bywater – Friendly Neighbor and Peanut M&M Award, Grace Caudill – Hug Bug and Kit Kat Award, Gavin Mattice – Quiet Achiever and Good & Plenty Award, Velicity Hegstrom – Mother Hen and Skittles Award, Finn Hurst – Strong Arm and Milkyway Award, Chase Pearson – Mr. Cooperative and Cracker Jack Award, Jeremy Bomar – Out of My Shell and Snickers Award, Beth Clark – Outstanding Organizer and Almond Joy Award, Teahen Hannah – Storytelling Star and the Whoppers Award, Brenden Lahart – Mr. Congeniality and M&M’s Award, and Bailey Wennihan – Miss Caring and Reeces Pieces Award.
Fifth grade awards were presented by Blu Dow and Amanda Powell.
AR Points/Super Reader Awards were presented to Isaac Vette, Bella Wallace, Bresayda Jimenez, Rainy Nordhausen, Bo Peregrine, Carter Wennihan, and Quin Staten. Carter Wennihan was recognized for having the Highest AR Points.
Individual awards were presented to: Janae Harbin and Isaac Vette – Super Spellers (100% on all spelling tests), Dylan Drummond – Best Cooperative Worker, Noah McCoy – Certificate of Excellence for Talking, Bella Wallace – Enthusiastic Helper, Emily Gebhards – Friendship Award, Makinzee Brion – Magnificent Mathematician (She received 96% or above all year long and finished with a 100% overall), Olivia Schaefer – Handwriting Hero, Kaydin Vogler – Kindness Artist Award, Hunter Blum – Master of Dance, Robbie Armstrong – Red Panda, Adrienne Phillips – Best Friend Award, Jacob Stanton – Lifesaver Helper, Quin Staten – Natural Born Leader/Future President, Zoe Madron – Taskmaster, Carter Wennihan – History Book, Kennedy White – Wonderful Worker, Brayden Smith – Daring Dancer, Jaeka Wiley – Listening Ear, Riley Sachs – Chatterbox, Breysada Jimenez – Ray of Sunshine, Rainy Nordhausen – Right Hand Woman, Britney Ritchie – Class Comedian, Jina Harbit – Mother Hen, Kale Lekey – Let Me Tell You All About It, Darika Bywater – Storming to Success, Jonas Hurst – Out of My Shell, and Bo Peregrine – Headed To Hollywood.
Librarian Dallas Prather recognized Finn Hurst for being in the 500 Point Club. She also recognized Bailey Wennihan, Carter Wennihan, Rainy Nordhausen, Velicity Hegstrom, Janae Harbin, Danika Agnew, and Delainee White for reading so many words. Finn Hurst read the most words at over 3 million. Mrs. Prather also recognized Battle of the Books participants who read all 12 Mark Twain Award books, participating in the Ultimate Reading Challenge: Finn Hurst, Delaine White, Bailey Wennihan, Bo Peregrine, Carter Wennihan, Rainy Nordhausen, Janae Harbin, Gabe Harms, and Madison Quattrocchi.