Time to Spare

By Pat Walker

Have you ever picked up an old cookbook to browse through in anticipation of finding a new recipe, old one or perhaps one that has a twist of flavoring that was new to you or different way to prepare? In days gone by they would find their box of receipts as they were called and find something new to fix, anything new, to make the dining experience exciting.

It can be like a visit with an old friend or some- one you don’t even know. I recommend it for a rainy afternoon or any time for that matter. On many trips my favorite souvenir to find was a cookbook with the local tastes and preferences. I asked my grandaughter recently about a recipe and she said, matter of factly, “Just go to Pinterest.” WHAT? Modern Millenials do not consult a cookbook, they look it up on their phone or computer! Are they missing out – the cookbook of their childhood years either from church town, hospi- tal even, contains recipes from former Sunday school, school teachers, Mother’s friends or townspeople; words to live by, household tips, sage advice on how to make your husband like your cookin’ as well as his Mom’s and that sought after recipe!

I have a collection of recipes, hand written. They are altogether personal and requested. It used to be a compliment to ask for your recipe for a certain dish. You may recall the day.

It gives you time to pause and reflect. Recently, in an effort to downsize I gave away about 20 cookbooks to friends, kept a few favorites for family. Afterward I felt lonesome for the days when it was exciting to pre- pare a meal for family – not just “pick up something” now.

I have a friend who has a collection of over a hundred cookbooks; I wish her time to spare! So if you should find yourself with some spare time, pull out an old-fashioned cookbook from off the shelf and browse away!