June 23, 1944

• Fairfax has had only one mail a day since the middle of the last week due to the Missouri River flood, which washed out several stretches of track on the main line of the Burlington around Hamburg, Iowa. Now all the mail that is being received here has to come from the north on the morning train. In the afternoon, outgoing mail is taken to Burlington Junction where it is dispatched on the Wabash.

• The Clark Beauty Shop is soon to move to the building on east Main Street, formerly occupied by the Deardorff barber shop. The new locker plant is to be partly housed in the building the beauty shop vacates.

June 26 1969

• Fairfax Volunteer Firemen initiated the new shelter house in the Fairfax City Park Tuesday evening, when they and their guests, numbering over 60 persons, enjoyed a chicken barbecue. The occasion was to honor “Spoofy” Watkins, who has served with the department for 30 years. Mr. Watkins was presented with a trophy commemorating the event. Other honored guests were Miss Twyilla Lewis, Miss Fairfax of 1968, and 1969 queen candidate Joy Oswald, both sponsored by the firemen. 

• Fairfax is hosting a baseball tournament this week under the direction of Coach Ames Crosby. Little League play includes teams from Maitland, Oregon, Craig, Mound City, and Fairfax. Pony League includes teams from the same towns with the exception of Maitland.

• Members of the Fairfax Science Club went to Rock Port June 9 to attend the showing of “2001 Space Odyssey.” On June 12, they went to the Learning Resource Center at Red Oak, Iowa, where they listened to tapes and watched film strips and movies of scientific material. The club has some 15 members and in the near future they plan to visit a fossil collection and have a field trip.

June 23, 1994

• Rev. F. Allan Bash has accepted a call from the Fairfax-Rock Port Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ) beginning July 1. He will hold his first worship service in Fairfax at 9:30 a.m. Sunday, July 3. Rev. Bash, his wife, Rev. Karen Bash, and their six year-old son, Keenan, come from Atlantic, Iowa, where the two reverends have completed an interim ministry.

• Bits and Wits by Uncle Fud: “Talk about hot and humid . . . Uncle Fud couldn’t work in the garden because his sweat made it too muddy to work and the salt water wasn’t good for the plants.”