By Pat Walker

It occurs to me – we can find a hero in our own backyard, so to speak – we have the power to compliment! 

In a small town we have so many we are dependent upon on a daily basis, people who offer their services, whether it be at the grocery, convenience, druggist, gas, priest, minister, banker, library, painter, carpenter, cut your grass, home care, prepare meals, city workers, insurers, newspapers – am I overlooking anybody? 

 What if we were to try this radical idea? We have the power to make the world a better place, let’s all get on the bandwagon! Lo and behold we would be a town that would be one of kindness and compassion. Could there be a better example for our children, when they are bombarded with mythical creatures, sports figures, video games, imaginary universes that don’t exist. 

Some heroes are closer than we think – just look!

Word of caution – be prepared for amazement!  These are the people who matter! Go ahead make their day!