June 30, 1944

• Fairfax folks will remember that a day or two after D-Day, daily newspapers carried a front page wire photo showing a group of jubilant Yank paratroopers displaying the first Nazi flag captured that day. The paratrooper in the center looked familiar. When the newsreel of the same scene was released for showing at theatres all over the country, there was no mistaking the identity of the soldier, for it was Fairfax’s own James W. Flanagan. Flanagan has been in England several months and has been enthusiastic about his work as a paratrooper. 

July 3, 1969

• Miss Fairfax 1969 is Miss Connie Sly, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sly. She was sponsored by the Fairfax Garden Club and crowned at the fair Saturday evening.

• Cheerleaders from the Fairfax R-3 School were a part of the cheerleading clinic held in Maryville last week. Those attending were Trudy Smith, Connie Sly, Belinda Bolton, Kay Kent, and Kathy Shineman.

June 30, 1994

• A severe storm hit the Fairfax area around 8:15 p.m. Saturday evening. The tornado watch was in effect and the clouds rolled in from the north, east and west. Pea sized hail grew into 2” diameter or larger hail. The crops from English Grove Cemetery north were hard hit as were the crops going toward Maryville. Holt County also was not spared, with hail and winds up to 70 miles per hour causing tree and house damage.

• Bits & Wits by Uncle Fud: “The hail damage wasn’t to just farm crops. The three car dealers in Mound City said their cars received some hail dents. Now they can have a hail of a sale for their dimpled darlings. Sorry fellows, that line doesn’t get to be used very often. I am sure you are glad of that.”