Austin Moore’s photo of a bluejay is just one of the many photographs featuring nature on his Instagram account. 

Kate Ottmann likes to draw wildlife and nature. This sketch was featured in the Rock Port Art Club’s Art Show in April.

Kate Ottmann and Austin Moore, students at Rock Port High School, will have their artwork on display at the Brownville Fine Arts Association’s Schoolhouse Art Gallery. They will be honored at an artist’s reception on July 7 at 2:00 p.m. Their “Into The Wild” exhibit runs from July 4 through July 28. It is quite an honor to be featured as only a handful of artists are chosen each summer. 

Kate, daughter of Chad and Mandy Ottmann of Rock Port, has a strong love of art and animals. She is a freshman at RPHS.

Kate tends to lean towards the idea of realism, putting as much life in her art as possible. To make her vision come to life, she prefers using colored pencil and pastel. Her favorite things to draw are wildlife and nature.

Austin Moore is a junior at RPHS. He is the son of Jeremy and Janell Moore of Rock Port. His passion is taking photos of rustic scenery and portraits of people.

The BFAA’s Schoolhouse Art Gallery is located at 427 Main Street. Special exhibitions focus on visual artists of the region and are dovetailed with lectures, workshops and artist receptions. There are five artists shown each summer from June to October. There is also a Speaker Series presented with a talk given once a month from June to October on subjects ranging from books, living history, nature and other topics of interest. The art gallery is open Thursday – Sunday, 1:00-4:00 p.m. June – October. For tours call 402-274-4146 or go to the Brownville Market.