July 14, 1944

• Alfred Sloey, Jr., will appear tonight and tomorrow night in the movie “Cowboy in the Clouds” which is showing at the Tarkio theatre. Mr. Sloey is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Sloey, Sr., and native of this community. He is cast as a singer with a vocal group and is Tarkio’s first success in Hollywood’s movie world.

• All young people between the ages of 14 and 20, inclusive in the Tarkio community, will have a dance at the Community Building tonight. The dance is scheduled to begin at 7 o’clock p.m. and several members of the Business Women’s league will act as chaperones.

July 17, 1969

• A sabbatical leave has been granted President William H. Schecter of Tarkio College to serve as the interim president of the Beirut College for Women. The Beirut College for Women is located in Beirut, Lebanon. The college of 700 students is sponsored by the United Presbyterian Church and is chartered by the New York State Board of Regents.

• Mrs. J.D. McMillan, Tarkio R-I School Librarian, is attending summer school at Guatemala City University, Guatemala, for advanced study. She is taking a course in Anthropology for course work toward an advanced degree.

July 14, 1994

• The Gould Peterson Municipal Airport in Tarkio has recently had lighting installed along its runway.

• Rhoda Sorensen has been hired to replace Jane Walter as the principal at Westboro, Missouri, R-IV School. She will also be librarian and kindergarten teacher in addition to her duties as principal.

• Wynona Smith, a resident of the Tarkio area since 1927, recently finished writing her third book. It is titled “Our Ozark Heritage” and is about the Fox-Williams family history.