By Cindy Walker Burton

Forrest Gump famously quipped, “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get.” Amongst the chewy caramels, sweet coconuts and crunchy nuts, you sometimes end up picking out a funny-colored fruity flavor. Come to think of it, life is like a lot of other things besides chocolate. Life is like an Easter egg hunt: some of the eggs are nearly perfect and others are cracked. It’s like a road: full of stops, goes, twists and turns. It’s like Halloween: sometimes you get tricked instead of treated. It’s like a yo-yo: it has its ups and downs. It’s like the weather: unpredictable. Life is like Wal-Mart: full of choices but with so little time. It’s like bubble gum: sticky and sweet. It’s like a rose: beautiful to behold but with plenty of thorns. It’s like a lightning storm: fascinating but scary. It’s like a movie: sometimes it’s a blockbuster and sometimes it bombs. It’s a lot like playing darts: sometimes you hit the bulls eye, but occasionally, you miss the target. It’s like riding a bike: you fall and you get back on. It’s like a soccer ball: you get kicked around but the goal is in sight. Life is like yard work: tedious at times but the end product is worthwhile. It’s like bowling: sometimes you get a strike and sometimes it’s nothing but gutter balls. I believe life is a gift, and it’s meant to be opened every day. So leap into life, or launch it, luxuriate in it, latch on to it, link up with it, and live it. Life is like a box of chocolates – why not treat yourself today?