July 21, 1944

• In the movie “Memphis Belle,” shown at the Crescent Friday and Saturday nights, Mrs. Cameron Browning is sure she saw her brother, Huston Loveland, who has been in England many months. The scene in which he was shown was a ground scene in England and since Huston is with an aircraft ground crew, more than likely it was his picture. Relatives had a special showing Saturday afternoon and were quite positive of the identification.

• Mrs. Will Thiesfeld was hostess to the Daleview Club Tuesday afternoon, July 18. Seventeen members answered roll call with “A Garment Which I No Longer Find Economical To Make.” Club members voted to go to the Red Cross room in Fairfax the first Tuesday in each month to do sewing.

• The Peterson dredging equipment was used to clean the city well last week and some three or four feet of blue clay were taken from it. But about as fast as the mud was taken out, fine sand rushed in from around the sides, causing the land on which the pump houses and equipment are built to sink and take the houses and equipment with it. The cave-in caused the big water main to break and the city was without water until a crew of experts from St. Joseph were called here to make repairs.

July 24, 1969

• Mr. and Mrs. M.C. Smith of Tempe, Arizona, came Tuesday evening to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wilber Means. They have just returned from a trip to South America where they were guests in the home of the exchange student they entertained last year. While visiting friends in Brazil early in July, they learned, via ham radio, of the birth of their first grandchild in Phoenix. The Smiths reported the weather in South America as very cold.

• Mr. and Mrs. Dale Grubb broke ground Wednesday for a new home in the Pine Acres addition of Fairfax. Dearl Johnson and his crew are the builders.

July 21, 1994

• Bits & Wits by Uncle Fud: “This is probably one of the better times of summer. That is, for fresh homegrown garden produce. New potatoes, green beans, green peppers, fresh beets and tomatoes. Oh, sweet corn on the cob! Corn on the cob should be extra good this year. You can use the good spread butter to make it more yummy. Eating roasting ears is like eating watermelon, it isn’t good unless you get the juice from ear to ear.”

• The Fairfax R-3 Board of Education accepted the resignations of Kitty Irvine as secretary to the principal and of Jim Holtz as science teacher and bus driver. Mr. Holtz came to the Fairfax High School in 1971 and became an excellent science teacher, well liked in the community, and built a new country home east of Fairfax on Hwy. 46. During the years, he also became a bus driver for the district. He will be teaching at Maryville High School this fall.