Ian Stepp of Tarkio portrayed Pinocchio.

Missoula Children’s Theatre presented “Pinocchio” Saturday, July 13, 2019, in the Tarkio High School Auditorium. Those who participated in the production included, from left to right: first row – Vera Hale, Sophie Hegstrom, and Graceyn Reeves; second row – Teagan Taylor, Caroline Powell, and Silas Lester; third row – Eliza Clements, Viviane Hale, and Jax Peregrine; fourth row – Savanna Lindsay, Macy Stepp, Kade Pridell, Nora Lindsay, Drew Sanders, Jillian Hannah, Teahen Hannah, Velicity Hegstrom, and Brody Wennihan; fifth row – Claire Martin, Ryan Paris, Isaac Vette, Jacob Lester, Ava Berls, Willa Lester, Raelee Russell, Ian Stepp, Eva Comstock, Chase Pearson, Reagan Lester, Bo Peregrine, and Alex Barnett; and sixth row – Vicky Vidziunas and Thomas Chubb.

Ryan Paris of Rock Port played Stromboli.

Willa Lester of Tarkio played the part of the Blue Fairy.

Missoula Children’s Theatre, located in Missoula, Montana, once again sent their amazing directors to our small community of Tarkio, Missouri, and, with the help of the local children, put on a wonderful production for the community. This year’s musical was “Pinocchio,” conceived and written by Jim Caron and with music and lyrics by Michael McGill, Jim Caron, Don Collins, and Carol Webber.

“Geppetto fashioned the puppet in the image of a small boy. Even as the lonely and kind woodcarver worked far into the night, old Geppetto was not aware that the wood under the chisel had come from the trunk of an enchanted tree. But the Blue Fairy was aware as she watched from afar and gave to that puppet the gift of life. Thus begins the Missoula Children’s Theatre adaptation of one of the most beloved of all children’s stories, Pinocchio.”

Cast of characters included: Pinocchio – Ian Stepp; Jiminy Cricket – Raelee Russell; Blue Fairy – Willa Lester; Fox – Bo Peregrine; Cat – Reagan Lester; Stromboli – Ryan Paris; Candlewick – Brody Wennihan; Candlewick’s Crew – Teahen Hannah, Velicity Hegstrom, Savanna Lindsay, Kade Pridell, and Macy Stepp; Urchins – Ava Berls, Eva Comstock, Jacob Lester, Chase Pearson, and Isaac Vette; Harlequin – Nora Lindsay; Columbine – Drew Sanders; Scaramouche – Jillian Hannah; Pleasure Island Kids – Caroline Powell, Eliza Clements, Viviane Hale, Silas Lester, Jax Peregrine, and Teagan Taylor; Toys – Vera Hale, Sophie Hegstrom, and Graceyn Reeves; Geppetto – Missoula Tour Actor/Director Vicky Vidziunas; Director – Missoula Tour Actor/Director Thomas Chubb; Assistant Directors – Claire Martin and Alex Barnett; Accompanist – Melody Barnett; and Mule Barn Theatre Guild Coordinators – Sid Cooper and Will Ratcliff.

Auditions were held at the beginning of last week and then the youth practiced every day. They performed two shows on Saturday for family, friends, and community members, wowing the crowd with their adorableness and great acting skills! The Missoula Children’s Theatre productions in Tarkio would not be made possible without the Mule Barn Theatre Guild and the many, local sponsors.