In just five days, a cast of seven- to 12-year-olds put together a show that had audience members in awe, with the help of the very talented production staff and volunteers.

The Liberty Theatre Committee and production coordinators, with Devon and Mikaela Sons, decided to give children interested in theater a chance to discover how fun acting, singing and putting on a show can really be by creating a Youth Program. From July 15 to 19, the group of youngsters met every day, learning choreography, songs and lines in order to put on a production of “Frozen Jr.” The program was aimed at teaching the fundamentals of musical theater, meet new friends and having fun, in hopes of instilling a love of theater into the hearts of area youth.

By the looks on the faces of the crowds, nobody could believe the cast was made up of just kids, let alone some of whom were on the stage for the first time in their lives. The rave reviews poured in from theatre goers, who were so impressed with the talent, passion and dedication the kids showed during the production. The play was a condensed version of Disney’s “Frozen,” with a few twists and a new song sang by a group of cold mountain folk called the Oaken Family.

The faces behind the scenes that made this amazing program possible were: Devon and Mikaela Sons, Kendall Victor, Josie Watkins, Gabby DeRosier, Susan Braams, Jan Carpenter, Ben Lucas, and Theresa Lee, and the Liberty Theatre Committee: Scott Deatz, Malisa Linthicum, Molly Hallowell, Lee Harms, Okema Hale, Molly Spiegel, Jan Carpenter, Deb Martin, Tiana Jones and Katey Kroeger.

The cast included: Lizzie Schlueter, Claire Spiegel, Austin Helfers, Bo Peregrine, Grant Spiegel, Reid Ellis, Gabe Gebhards, Maddie Cox, Morgan Garst, Maddie Cox, Reese Herron, Sophia Storm, Abbie Harms, Audrey Dougherty, Aaron Schlueter, Kylie Nuckolls,  Jacey-Mae Makings, Arianna Shimmel, Velicity Hegstrom, Sophie Hegstrom, Adrianna Wallace, Amelia Moody, Cora Moody, Zeke Gebhards, Eli Cox, Jax Peregrine, Briar Daugherty, Josh Schlueter,  Talyn Amthor, Teagan Taylor, Jessa Geib, and Isabella Kroeger.

The Liberty Theatre Committee hopes to see the Youth Program grow and do more camps in the years to come.

The full cast of Frozen Jr. is pictured above, left to right: front row – Jax Peregrine, Eli Cox, Zeke Gebhards, Briar Daugherty, Jessa Geib, Teagan Taylor, Talyn Amthor, Isabella Kroeger, Sophie Hegstrom, Amelia Moody, Jaecey Mae Makings, Adrianna Wallace, and Cora Moody; back row – Reese Herron, Audrey Dougherty, Sophie Storm, Abbie Harms, Josh Schlueter, Gabe Gebhards, Austin Helfers, Claire Spiegel, Lizzie Schlueter, Grant Spiegel, Bo Peregrine, Reid Ellis, Morgan Garst, Maddie Cox, Velicity Hegstrom, and Arianna Shimmel.

Lizzie Schlueter, left, and Claire Spiegel, right, sang the finale “Let It Go” to a standing ovation on opening night.

Reid Ellis, left, and Grant Spiegel, right, entertained the audience as Sven and Olaf.

Reese Herron, left, as young Anna, and Sophie Storm, right, as young Elsa, sang “A Little Bit of You” as they built their snowman Olaf.

Gabe Gebhards had the crowd in stitches over his portrayal as the Duke of Weselton.

The “Hidden Folk” Crew helped bring Anna back to life with their magical healing powers. Pictured above (left to right) are: Arianna Shimmel, Velicity Hegstrom, Sophie Hegstrom, Amelia Moody, Cora Moody, Jaecy Mae Makings, and Adrianna Wallace.

Austin Helfers, left, starred as Hans, who tries to trick Anna (Lizzie Schlueter) into falling in love with him in order to overtake the kingdom.

Morgan Garst and Maddie Cox played the parts of Pabbie and Bulda of the “Hidden Folk” who had the healing powers needed to bring Anna back to life after Elsa froze her heart with her powers.

Reid Ellis, left, and Bo Peregrine, right, made the perfect dynamic duo as best buds Sven and Kristoff.

Talyn Amthor happily provided Olaf, a.k.a. Grant Spiegel, with his own personal snow flurry cloud to keep him from melting.