August 4, 1944
• Pfc. Charles N. Lesher was recently awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received on the French beach while he and his buddies were engaged in cleaning out a German machine gun nest. Saved by his steel helmet, which caught an enemy bullet, Pfc. Lesher was knocked unconscious and temporarily blinded. For a time he was treated in a U.S. General hospital in England, but he is now back on duty. The Tarkio boy is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Nate Lesher.
• At The Tarkio theatre: “Sundown Valley,” “The Underdog,” “Gaslight,” and “Cry Havoc.”
August 7, 1969
• Thirty-five cars of a Burlington freight train bound for Omaha were derailed Sunday night on the C.B.&Q. main line about a mile south of Watson. The wreck was caused by a burned out journal, commonly called a “hot box,” on one of the cars, which resulted in the loss of an axle. The freight cars were strewn along a half mile stretch of the tangled and twisted track like a spilled box of dominos. Although the loss was considerable, both in damage and disruption of service, there was no personal injury and relatively little damage to property along the tracks.
• Temperatures in the Tarkio area ranged from a cool low of 56 degrees on July 30, August 1 and 3, to 90 degrees on the 5th.
• The Tarkio Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a Watermelon Day for the people of the Tarkio area this Saturday. Merchants have planned special sales which will be in effect all day. Free watermelon will be served on Main Street starting at 5:00 p.m. and there will be plenty for everyone. More than 3,000 pounds of juicy prime melons were specially ordered and have been chilling for the free feed.
August 4, 1994
• Smokey Bear celebrated his 50th birthday and was honored with a birthday party at the Atchison County Library Summer Reading Program in Tarkio. For the past half-century, Smokey Bear has watched over our nation’s forests and educated Americans on the importance of forest fire prevention.
• Over 2,000 people were in attendance at the C.A.B.A. 11 & Under World Series on Friday, July 29.
• On Saturday, August 6, there will be a dance at the Community Building in Tarkio featuring the band RENO.