August 4, 1944
• Nathan Hathorne, who has been living in San Francisco for the past several years, has purchased the Dotham store from Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wilson, and he and Mrs. Hathorne have moved to Dotham and taken over the business.
• When Mrs. A. C. Deardorff struck a match to light the burners on her gasoline range Friday morning of last week, flames burst from all the burners and for a while it appeared that the fire might spread to cause much destruction. Flames almost reached the ceiling, but Mr. Deardorff quickly pulled the stove away from the wall and after the surplus gasoline burned, the blaze died down without doing more damage than blistering the paint and smoking the walls. How the surplus gasoline got to the burners is not known.
August 7, 1969
• The trim and colorful yard of Mr. and Mrs. John Oswald is the judges’ selection for “Yard of the Month,” according to Garden Club President Mrs. Don Maris. Honorable Mention went to Mr. and Mrs. Doyne Swan.
• The Fairfax Community Betterment float was a grand prize winner in club category of the Craig Centennial Saturday. Those representing the three generations of Fairfax were Mrs. Lillie Frerichs, Floyd Williams, Miss Fairfax Connie Sly, Leigh Ann Rogers, and John Gomel.
August 4, 1994
• Taylor’s Garage in Fairfax is closing out its business after 29 years serving this community. Gene and Doris Taylor purchased the business in 1965 from Gary Green. They added onto their building in 1981 to make room for a parts store. Gene died in 1987 and Doris continued operating the business. Besides the sons, Ed and Gary, employees have included Everett Bryant, Steve Whittington, Glen Seymour, Dewayne Clark, Pete Fletcher and Larry Walker.
• In Bits & Wits by Uncle Fud: “The football season kicked off Sunday with games all over the world. The news reports on the Chiefs’ game sounded like the natural grass was more important than winning the game. Back to baseball, it wouldn’t surprise Uncle Fud if the next demands from the so-called superstars will be to have stand-ins play for them so they won’t get hurt or dirty. It looks from here like the greedy are getting more so.”