By Georgia Gilley

The TEC Club met Tuesday, August 15, at Aunt Martha’s B&B with all members present. It was a beautiful day and we admired Martha’s flower gardens as we entered. Merylan Lowrey had high score, Norma Bradfield, second high, and I managed to hold on to low, getting my quarter back.

The group will take a vacation for the rest of the month. Too many missing members to attempt to find subs. Susan Braams was hostess and impressed us all with a Ghirardelli Chocolate cake from the frozen food department at Sam’s. It was so special and even was covered with some kind of white fluffy stuff that was not Cool Whip.

After that delicacy, the conversation turned to medical problems, centering on the increased cost of medicines, insurance, and  access to care. I must confess driving home I felt so lucky having had little experience with the subjects. I really couldn’t join in the conversations. I tried to talk about my great horned owl, but was out-numbered by health concerns. I’m sure any president who drones on about health issues has a welcome audience at pitch.