September 1, 1944

• Break-ins occurred Monday night at two places of business in Tarkio, but for all his trouble the thief netted only twenty dollars. Evidently satisfied with nothing but cash, he looted the money drawer of the Culbertson Lumber Company vault, escaping with a small amount of silver left there, but he found no coins or greenbacks at the Hart-Bartlett-Sturtevant company, which he entered the same night.

• Miss Mary L. Thompson has reached Assiut, Egypt, for missionary work, by way of sailing from Philadelphia. She made stops in: Lisbon, Portugal; Leopoldville, the Belgian Congo; Stanleyville, Belgian Congo; Juba at the headwaters of the Nile in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan; to Kartoum, The Sudan, and then to the destination, with some air travel. She will be an administrator at a school there. She is the daughter of Dr. J.A. Thompson.

September 4, 1969

• A tractor trailer overturned when it entered the wye curve early last Friday morning. Three cattle were killed and of the 56 head, half were missing in the morning. The mishap prompted an old time roundup with cowboys on horseback attempting to find the cattle that had escaped in all directions.

• Nursery school will begin Monday, September 8, and will continue throughout the school year on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:00-11:30 a.m. The school, sponsored by the PTA, will be held in the basement of the Tarkio Presbyterian Church.

September 1, 1994

• The Michael Green family of Westboro, Missouri, represented Atchison County at the special State Fair Farm Family Day. Family members include Michael and Sharon, and their two childre, Kevin and Angela. Michael and Sharon’s major crops are corn and soybeans which have been no-till for the past four years. Most of the corn is fed through livestock. Kevin also raises corn and soybeans in a no-till operation and has a herd of 30 cows which is strictly A.I.

• Tarkio R-I student enrollment is up to 458 with the biggest class being eighth grade with 45. The Tarkio R-I Board of Education voted to stay as an “agricultural district” designation. This means that classes may start before Labor Day in the state of Missouri.